Wilks Enterprise Makes On-Site Measurements Practical and Easy

Wilks Enterprise, founded in 1995, has successfully built its business by specializing in the development and manufacture of application specific mid-infrared (mid-IR) analytical instrumentation – both for qualitative and quantitative measurements. While all Wilks instruments are designed for easy, on-site field or at/near in-line use, they are equally as useful in the analytical or testing laboratory - virtually anywhere repetitive measurements are needed.

Wilks analyzers and spectrometers are the ideal analytical solution for a wide variety of measurement applications in the biofuels, petrochemical, environmental, quality control, and manufacturing industries. Easy-to-use operator interfaces make them usable by non-technical personnel with little or no analytical or infrared background allowing them to quickly and accurately obtain on-site results. These portable instruments will let you cost-effectively move your application out of the laboratory and to the analysis location so you no longer have to wait for off-site lab results.

Whatever your specific measurement application, chances are an InfraCal Analyzer/Filtometer, InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer or InfraRan Specific Vapor Analyzer can help you do the analysis more effectively, allow the measurement to be made on-site where it is needed, and save you money - all at the same time. Contact them to see how they can help you with a simple, cost-effective analytical solution for your analysis requirements.

Locasted in Norwalk, Connecticut, Wilks Enterprise has a regional office in Boulder Creek, California and a worldwide network of representatives and distributors.

In October 2013, Wilks was acquired by Spectro, Inc. - a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical tools and software for the industrial performance fluids market. Wilks and Spectro share a common goal of providing customers with simple analytical solutions for practical on-site measurements.  

Wilks Enterprise, Inc.

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