EdgeTechEdgeTech (formerly a Division of EG&G) traces their history back to 1965, when they began operating as a Department of EG&G (Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier), using the ideas and inventions of Dr. Harold E. Edgerton (Doc). This department consisted of two facilities in Massachusetts: product development in Bedford and product production in Brookline. Not long after this Department began functioning, EG&G decided to expand their involvement in the instrumentation market and acquired Geodyne Corporation & Cambridge Systems, creating the EG&G Environmental Equipment Division.

It was Doc, and his endless efforts to build better technological solutions to problems in imagery that inspired the EdgeTech name. EdgeTech was selected to honor Doc and represent a commitment to carrying on his tradition of remaining at the leading edge of technologies in the markets served.

Today, EdgeTech operates independently with two facilities in the United States and sales and service representatives around the world. EdgeTech provides highly reliable, state-of-the-art instruments, which allow customers to complete their tasks withone of the highest success rates in the industry.

Call the Moisture and Humidity Division for applications that require highly reliable measurements of dew point, oxygen and humidity in gases with a high degree of accuracy (NIST traceable).

EdgeTech is known for providing highly reliable products that perform in extreme conditions. Moisture & Humidity Products are in place at dynamometer test facilities at Ford, GM and Chrysler, NOAA hurricane hunter aircraft, clean rooms at Intel, Digital Equipment Corporation, Texas Instruments and furnaces at Bethlehem Steel. EdgeTech's moisture & humidity sensors are also included in thousands of other applications where accurate, reliable measurements of humidity are required, including The Sistine Chapel, the NASA Space Shuttle and MIR Space Station.
EdgeTech DPM-99 - Medical Air Dew Point Monitor

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