With 30 years of experience serving their customers’ needs, FlexLink's production logistics solutions decrease throughput time, work in progress and non-value adding operations. And at the same time increase delivery capability, quality assurance and factory profitability.

Enhanced production profitability
FlexLink's approach is based on streamlining the material and information flows in a production process to maximize the value of the process and minimize all potential losses. The  solutions are based on their market leading conveyor systems and material handling solutions. When They work with their customers, FlexLink typically starts by analyzing the present status, propose efficiency-improving solutions, and then provide the appropriate components, systems or integrated solutions.

Top quality. And a global presence for local service
FlexLink always strives to offer top quality products, solutions and services to their customers. In order to do so, they continuously invest in new technologies and solutions. And they serve customers around the world through a network of sales and engineering units in 25 countries and a partner network in more than 60 countries. Wherever you are located, you can be sure of the professional service you expect.

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