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Plastic Extrusion Services

We are pleased to announce the addition of our Makerbot Replicator Z18 3D printer that will be used to help Preferred bring your custom plastic extrusion project to life. (read more)

From an extrusion standpoint, PVC’s processing nature allows for tighter tolerances, more intricate part cross-sections, increased stability when running hollow profiles, and in many cases increased production rates. (read more)

Preferred Plastics is an international supplier of custom extrusions specializing in rigid, flexible, co-extrusions and complex profiles for a wide range of markets throughout the world. Our team works cohesively and comprehensively to provide the best engineered product of the highest quality available (read more)

With locations in Michigan and Kentucky, Preferred Plastics has the ability to handle any sized project! We are continually expanding and always innovating to make sure we can offer the most cost-effective and on-time deliveries available in our industry. Our goal is to keep you coming back. (read more)

Does your part need to look a certain way, have a specific color, texture, or shape? Is it one component of many that has to mate well with other parts, perhaps sliding onto aluminum tracks? We take all of this, and more, into account when working on custom extrusions, developing everything to exact specifications and working with you to help choose materials, flexibility, etc. (read more)

Don’t you just love good customer service? We all do. There is nothing like walking away from a business transaction and thinking, “I can’t wait to do business with that vendor or person again.” Our goal is to have world-class service and to make it so when you think plastic extrusion: you think Preferred... (read more)

Plastic Fabrication Services

Our 3D printer has a massive build volume which allows us to print up to 18” long prototypes and samples on a massive 12” X 12” platform. (read more)

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