Service announcements from Proto Labs, Inc.

Rapid Prototyping Services

“Our mission is to end nosocomial infections once and for all, and ensure the safety of patients in the US and beyond.” (read more)

Mason jars—the ones Great Grandma used to fill up with green beans every fall—are made to be reused. Sometime after John L. Mason patented them, someone realized that they could be reused for something besides preserving fruits and vegetables, adding a handle and turning the venerable storage jar into a mug. (read more)

“Traditional chemical testing seemed slow and cumbersome. We’ve gotten used to instant access to information and in many areas have found the technology to achieve that." (read more)

The Cool Idea! Award program was introduced in the US in 2011, and provided an aggregate of $100,000 in Firstcut and Protomold services to award recipients. The Cool Idea! Award program expanded to the EU in 2012 and provided a total of up to $250,000 in services and will continue in 2013 offering another $250,000 in services to product developers around the world. (read more)

Mold Making Services

Protomold®, a Proto Labs service, is a custom injection molding company that can ship real injection molded parts as fast as the next business day after receipt of a 3D CAD model. Real Parts. Really Fast. ISO 9001:2008 certified. (read more)

The Protomold website is a great resource to use in the selection of the best resin for your application. (read more)

Not only is Protomold the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to get short run injection molded parts, we also strive to be the most helpful. We provide design guidelines, material advice, example pricing, and other resources. (read more)

CNC Machining Services

Roger Schmitz has a simple formula for designing a great new product: build and test; build and test; then build and test some more. That’s what he and the development team at Fortiori Design in Spicer Minnesota have been doing since he first conceptualized the Moxy muscle oxygen sensor in the fall of 2010. (read more)

Need only 1-10 parts? Our Firstcut process uses standard materials to produce truly functional prototype parts. Upload your 3D CAD model and receive a web-based, interactive 3D FirstQuote® today.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified (read more)

“The case has to precisely fit the electronics, the touchscreen, and the glass. And it has to allow electronic communications between the fully enclosed electronics and the Wi-Fi network.” (read more)

Get CNC machined parts in a wide selection of resins from REAL blocks of plastic and aluminum. Choose from over 30 different materials, including ABS, Nylon, PC, Delrin, PEEK, ULTEM, aluminum, and brass. (read more)

Firstcut®, a Proto Labs service, combines the speed and convenience of rapid prototyping technologies with the advantages of CNC machining to bring you REAL FUNCTIONAL machined plastic prototypes in as little as 1 business day. You get REAL MATERIAL properties and improved surface finishes -- FAST. (read more)

Plastic Molding Services

Protomold®, a Proto Labs service, is the world's fastest source for custom injection molded parts. The company fills a unique niche in the manufacturing of plastic parts, using a combination of advanced, proprietary software and sophisticated equipment to produce prototype and low volume runs of custom injection molded parts. (read more)

For a general guide to choosing resins for injection molding: see our Resin Selection Guide. For a listing of resins that we keep on hand, go to our Stocked Resins list. To see a list of links to manufacturers, search engines and other resin resources, click on Resin Links, and for resin coloring information: Custom Colors.

Resin Selection Guide... (read more)

Protomold's monthly Design Tips are a popular and useful resource for designers and design engineers. We've compiled over 90 tips for designing injection molded parts in seven handy, downloadable volumes. You'll find useful tips and guidelines on everything from selecting materials to designing parts cost-effectively. Get your free tips today! (read more)

Our Protomold Design Tips email newsletter arrives in subscribers' inbox once a month, delivering helpful advice and suggestions for efficiently and cost-effectively designing injection molded parts. Tips are delivered the last Wednesday of every month. (read more)

"Designing for Moldability" from Protomold® is a quick-reference user guide for rapid injection molding, great for engineers and designers. Download this invaluable guide today! (read more)

Contract Manufacturing Services

Proto Labs, through its Protomold injection molding service and Firstcut CNC machining service, is the world's fastest source for real parts. The company fills a unique niche in the manufacturing of quick turn parts, using a combination of advanced, proprietary software and sophisticated equipment to produce prototype and low volume runs of custom injection molded an... (read more)

Proto Labs® is the world's fastest source for custom CNC machined and injection molded parts. With our First Cut® and Protomold® services, you get real materials, real functionality, and real value —in as little as one day. REALLY. (read more)

See how Protomold and Firstcut have helped companies across numerous industries including Automotive, Communications, Electronics, and Medical get their products to market FAST! (read more)

The Proto Labs Journal is a quarterly print journal that provides innovations, ideas, and news on the design and application of rapid injection molding and CNC prototyping. (read more)