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The simulation and visualization of manufacturing processes and product designs are powerful tools in improving productivity and competitiveness. AC&E Inc. provides a complete range of simulation services that includes world leading design and manufacturing simulation software, training and support, consultancy and computing optimization.

Formed in 1987, and based in Warrington, UK, AC&E works with major UK, European and US organizations in the automotive, aerospace, defense, and power sectors, as well as food and allied industries, and plastics and polymers. Their aim is to maximize the benefits of simulation technology to their businesses.

AC&E Inc.AC&E's simulation and visualization technologies include:

For Manufacturing:

  • Simulation and off-line programming of robots
  • Simulation and verification of Co-ordinate Measurement Machines
  • Verification and visualization of CNC machining operations
  • Simulation of robots and workcells for small part assembly and materials handling
  • Simulation of an entire production line for manufacturing process engineers
  • Hub for CAD data exchange with visualization
  • Simulation software combinations for OLP and verification combinations
  • Consultancy Services

AC&E Inc.For Design:

  • Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Animation of Finite Element Analysis and CFD data
  • Linux Clustering and a range of IT Support services for FEA/CFD groups
  • Process Integration and Optimization to combine/integrate technologies
  • Consultancy to quickly get to the heart of the problem

AC&E's technology partners include BARA, NAFEMS, North West Aerospace Alliance, Holometric Technologies, Zeiss, Comau, Adept, Ingersoll to name but a few. They are also approved suppliers to BAE Systems, Lockheed-Martin, Nissan, Airbus, Daimler-Chrysler and other leading manufacturers.

AC&E Inc.

StruCIM® is an integrated software system that automates beam and plate cutting for structural steel applications. StruCIM® is the software engine that drives robotically controlled plasma cutting systems. The software is highly automated, user friendly, and easily integrates into your operations.

  • Improve production throughput
  • Improve consistency of cuts and reduce scrap
  • Reduce cycle time for large assemblies
  • Minimize production floor space

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