BH Electronics is a manufacturer of high frequency devices in the typical range of 20KHz to 1GHz. Our advanced products and capabilities have made us a major player in the High Frequency Magnetics market for nearly since 1967. We have developed a series of standard and custom products for some of the world's leading high-tech companies. Our engineering expertise, precision manufacturing, and quality performance make us an industry leader in High Frequency Magnetics.

Our design engineers are highly trained in the technical understanding of magnetic components and assemblies. Our team of skilled professionals is expert in designing magnetic components and has a broad based understanding of end-use applications. We participate in industry standards committees and are fully equipped to meet agency approval requirements.

We employ vertically integrated production capability in our manufacturing process. BH operates a full prototype lab for fast turnaround and precision samples. We produce many of our own molds, jigs and fixtures, keeping cost and manufacturing time at a minimum for our customers. Our Marshall, MN, Mexico and Chinese manufacturing network can handle any level of volume, from just a few parts to many thousands per week.

Our commitment to quality is proven with our ISO 9001 Quality System, and our decades of experience as a cost effective, high quality magnetics engineering and manufacturing company. From initial customer consultation to design review to high volume manufacture, we follow a rigorous quality process that includes: Prototype construction and product approval; Process development and approval in the U.S.; Process approval at the manufacturing location. Our test equipment is calibrated to NIST standards to ensure consistent results.

BH Electronics specializes in manufacturing: Transformers; Inductors; Filters; Standard Magnetics; Video Components; Test Baluns; Specialty Products; Custom Assemblies; and Devices in the range of 20KHz to 1GHz. BH Electronics serves the following markets: Telecom/Data Communications; Medical; Industrial Control & Instruments; Military and Aviation; Security & Video; and Down Hole.

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