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B&B Electronics designs, builds and delivers connectivity and communication solutions optimized for an ever-expanding range of applications. We help meet specific needs with simple, custom tailored answers that are optimized for rugged reliability. We will help you connect and network-enable your legacy equipment. We’ll help you extend wireless connections to the edge of your network. We'll help you embed connectivity in your OEM products. Whatever you need to do, B&B Electronics has the knowledge, the expertise and the technology platform to ensure you’re making the right connections.

In the Field

Explore product solutions for industry specific applications. 
Serial - Communications Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

An application story featuring
a solution using our iLinx™ Isolated Serial Repeater,
model 485OPDRi

Wireless - Get Cellular IP Connectivity Everywhere

An application story about traffic management featuring Spectre 3G cellular routers

Media Conversion - Smart Physical Security Starts with Smart Networks

IE-Multiway managed Gigabit Ethernet media converter used to monitor and control access at remote locations

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Technical Articles

Control & Monitoring of Heat Distribution (Networking Equipment) Prazska Teplarenska a.s. (Prague District Heating Company) supplies heat to more than 265,000 homes and businesses in Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. The distribution... (View Full Article)
Custom Modem Splitter Card for Air Traffic Control (Networking Equipment) Sunhillo Corporation, a specialist in data communications for air traffic control, required a data communications product that could provide connectivity from one device to up to six processors. These... (View Full Article)


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