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B&B Electronics designs, builds and delivers connectivity and communication solutions optimized for an ever-expanding range of applications. We help meet specific needs with simple, custom tailored answers that are optimized for rugged reliability. We will help you connect and network-enable your legacy equipment. We’ll help you extend wireless connections to the edge of your network. We'll help you embed connectivity in your OEM products. Whatever you need to do, B&B Electronics has the knowledge, the expertise and the technology platform to ensure you’re making the right connections.

In the Field

Explore product solutions for industry specific applications. 
Serial - Communications Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

An application story featuring
a solution using our iLinx™ Isolated Serial Repeater,
model 485OPDRi

Wireless - Get Cellular IP Connectivity Everywhere

An application story about traffic management featuring Spectre 3G cellular routers

Media Conversion - Smart Physical Security Starts with Smart Networks

IE-Multiway managed Gigabit Ethernet media converter used to monitor and control access at remote locations

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