C342 Danaher Controls is the manufacturer of Veeder-Root, Dynapar and Eagle Signal brand products - the most recognized brands of Counters, Timers and Encoders. Danaher products are available from a world-wide network of industrial distributors.

The ability to immediately produce any of thousands of product variations,while maintaining the highest levels of quality and reliability, is the key strength of Danaher Controls JIT (Just in Time) production methods. This capability lets Danaher serve valued customers with fast, reliable delivery of the exact encoder, counter, or timer that is required.

HS5 Sealed Hallow Shaft Encoder Owned by the Danaher Corporation, a Fortune-500 company (NYSE - DHR), Danaher Controls was formed through the merger of the Veeder-Root Company -- the best known name in counting, the Dynapar Corporation -- the motion control specialists, and Eagle Signal Controls -- the premier name in timing.

With over 230 years of combined experience, and a business management system designed to achieve world-class excellence, they bring you total capability in factory automation plus a commitment to service and quality unmatched in the industry.

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