Dresser Instruments is a world leader in pressure and temperature instrumentation. Their products are the benchmark in pressure and temperature measurement and include gauges, thermometers, switches, transducers, transmitters, data loggers, calibration equipment, instrument isolators and diaphragm seals.

Specified around the world for the most demanding requirements, these instruments are widely recognized under the brand names of Ashcroft®, Heise®, Willy™, Ebro® and Weksler®.

Dresser Instruments' products are used in industries such as:

  • wastewater treatment facilities
  • pipelines
  • pulp and paper mills
  • chemical manufacturing plants
  • electrical generating plants
  • pumps & compressors
  • gas transmission and distribution
  • oil refineries and petrochemical plants
  • power generation plants
  • biotech and pharmaceutical labs
  • food processing plants
  • HVAC
  • medical and semiconductor facilities
  • automotive and off-road
  • fluid power and in hydraulic applications
  • Calibration and testing services
Experienced teams of engineers, technicians, and customer service representatives as well as a vast network of distributors, ensure your application requirements are met. Dresser provides custom solutions for even the most difficult applications.

Dresser Instruments is a unit of Dresser, Inc. For more information on Dresser Instruments' product brands, visit:
Ashcroft® Pressure & Temperature Instruments
Heise® Precision Pressure Instruments
Ebro® Pressure and Temperate Dataloggers
Weksler® Fluid Power, Commercial, and MIL-Spec Instrumentation

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