Dynasil specializes in the development and manufacture of detection, sensing and analysis technology, precision instruments and optical components. Our products target high-growth applications in the homeland security, medical and industrial markets.

Technology leadership and innovation drives our economy and fuels America’s competitiveness in the global market. It is what pushes us to strive and grow. The same is true of our organization. One of the hallmarks of Dynasil is its strong business model built on innovating science, research and technology, and its successful track record of bringing technology to market.

Our principal business strategy is to employ our contract research, product development and technological capabilities to establish leading positions for our technologies in markets including homeland security, industrial and medical. We believe that we have the ability to achieve this strategy through: development and expansion of our research portfolio; investment in the commercialization of our technologies originating from our Contract Research segment; organic growth of existing products; acquisition of products and technologies that align with our core competencies, or provide complementary capabilities, such as pathways to market, to help accelerate product commercialization.

Our business is divided into two segments – Contract Research, which represents the science behind our technology, and Products and Technology, our commercialization engine, where we bring the technology to market.

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