Electro Standards Laboratories – Advanced Systems Design & Services

Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, has an extensive track record of technological advancements: state-of-the-art fiber optic switches, complex fiber optic cable assemblies, calibration-quality load cell and LVDT indicators, and advanced controls for rotary and linear motors with application to aircraft launch for next generation aircraft carriers.

Their GSA Schedule, GS-35F-0286V, offers a wide range of data network switches to facilitate government procurements.

The phone rings constantly with requests that begin with "I have a need to. . . ."  With experienced sales people, combined with an engineering staff that consistently draws from their expansive knowledge base, ESL will routinely customize existing products such as data switches, load cell instrumentation, data acquisition instruments, and copper/fiber cables to meet a customer’s specific needs, including military applications, ensuring the best solution for their application.

Areas of Excellence:

  • Products: Custom-designed data network switches and data network cable assemblies. Interface converters, data acquisition, and materials test for commercial and military applications.
  • Data Network Design and Installation Services: Chain store rollouts and gaming network and video lottery terminal (VLT) installation. Commercial, government and military installations.
  • R&D Contract Engineering Services: Innovative solutions for hybrid electric vehicles, electromagnetic aircraft launch system, sensorless linear motor/motion control, power control and ocean energy harvesting systems. Innovative products developed for commercial, government, and commercial applications.

Innovative Products:

  • Copper Network Switches include manual, Pathway® remotely controllable, and IP addressable.
    • Automatic fallback switches based on loss of data on port A.
    • Automatic sensing switches that automatically switch to the port with valid activity.
    • Normal/redundant fallback switches that self-configure connectivity based on the devices connected to them.
    • Remote power reboot switches with 10-Base-T LAN/WAN access.
    • Code-operated switches.
    • Disaster recovery automatic backup switches
    • Custom and standard network switches for commercial, industrial and military applications. 
  • QuickSwitch® Fiber Optic Network Switches are designed for all interfaces.
    • Auto fallback switches automatically detect faulty lines and switch to a backup fiber optic network.
    • Flexible switches that operate as a fallback switch or as an A/B switch.
    • Password protected switches with high isolation for secure networks.
    • GUI software for easy remote computer-control.
    • Multimode switch/converters with the fiber optic/twisted pair copper conversion built-in.
    • Speeds to Gigabyte.
    • A/B switches, 4-way switches, 8-way switches.
    • Custom and standard network switches for commercial, industrial and military applications. 
  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or Customized Copper Network Cables
    • CAT5e and CAT6
    • Coaxial
    • High Speed T-1
    • RS-232 Shielded and Unshielded
    • SCSI
    • Telco
    • V.35, PVC
    • Motorola® / Codex® Compatible Cables
    • Custom and standard network cables for commercial, industrial and military applications. 
  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or Customized Fiber Optic Network Cables
    • 50/125 Duplex, Multimode, PVC Riser
    • 62.5/125 Duplex, Multimode, PVC Riser
    • 9/125 Simplex, Single Mode, PVC Riser
    • HP Versatile Link Plastic Core Fiber (POF) 
    • M28876 Military Fiber system
    • MTP/MPO 12-Fiber Fan-out Cables
    • Circular MIL Connector Custom Cable Assemblies
    • HP Fiber Repeater with RS-232 Traffic Monitor Port
    • Custom and standard network cables for commercial, industrial and military applications. 
  • State-of-the-art Interface Converters
    • HP Versalink Fiber to RS-485 Converters
    • HP Versalink Fiber to RS-232 Converters
    • Very High Speed Ruggedized Fiber-to-RS485/422/232 Converters
    • Custom and standard interface converters for commercial, industrial and military applications. 
  •  Smart Load Cell and LVDT Indicators.
    • The Model 4215 Series Smart Indicators combine force channels, encoder position channels, print capabilities, and RS-232/485 serial communications into a versatile platform.
    • The Model 4215-L LVDT Smart Indicator is designed for the measurement and control of dual channel LVDT measurement fixtures.
    • Custom and standard strain gauge indicators and LVDT indicators for commercial, industrial and military applications. 
  • CellMite® Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioners.
    • CellMites® feature TEDS-Tag® Auto ID
    • Board and encased units with and without displays
    • Wired and wireless
    • Force and LVDT
    • High performance data acquisition and strain gage interface board
    • Custom and standard digital signal conditioners for commercial, industrial and military applications. 

Network Design, Installation and Certification Services

Electro Networks, a division of Electro Standards Laboratories,  designs and installs sophisticated data, telephone and fiber optic systems in the northeastern United States, as well as national and international satellite locations via our certified installer network.

  • BICSI certified RCDD’s on staff to assist during all phases of design.
  • Expertise in interior premise wiring, underground wiring, and pole-to-pole installations.
  • Install copper, fiber optic, and wireless infrastructures for voice, data, video, sound and security systems.
  • Chain store rollouts, multi-site, multi-state.
  • Video lottery terminal (VLT) and gaming network installation.
  • Sentry Monitoring System to monitor your LAN 24 x 7.
  • Secure Access Systems for the protection of your building.

Electro Networks brings years of experience and extensive knowledge of diverse technologies to your design-build project. Our consultative services support all networking and communications projects.  This experience in all aspects of network infrastructure places Electro Networks in a unique position in design and consulting services.

Electro Networks project teams include BISCI certified RCDD's, data and voice communication expertise, construction knowledge and project management experience.   Electro Networks provides the level of expertise necessary to insure your project's design criteria will be met. 

Electro Networks has experience in construction, data and voice communications, network design, outside plant cabling projects, both aerial and through conduit systems.  Network implementation strategies and phasing in schemes for a newly installed system are all areas where our teams can meet or exceed your expectations.

Electro Networks, the one-stop shop for all network requirements.

  • Commercial, Residential, Retail and Military Solutions
  • Educational Facilities
  • Voice, Data Fiber, CATV Wiring, Sound
  • RCDD Consulting Services
  • LAN and WAN Equipment
  • Sentry Monitoring System
  • Security Systems
  • Multi-Site, Multi-State Rollouts
  • Building Service Contractors

Electro Networks offers Project Management Services
Electro Networks is ready to assist your company during any phase of design - from initial concept state, to writing an RFP, to evaluation proposals, to being the owner's representative.

  • Electro Networks manages complex infrastructure installation projects efficiently.
  • Electro Networks integrates strong skills and experience assuring project success from initiation to completion.
  • Electro Networks' Project Management Services delivers each client's technology solutions.

Electro Networks offers Design Build Expertise

  • Areas of Expertise: Network infrastructure, communications, voice systems, security systems, LAN/WAN equipment, wireless communications, fiber optics, and outside plant communications.

Electro Networks offers Point of Sale (POS) Retail Solutions
Electro Networks' technicians are skilled in multi-site rollouts of POS wiring and terminal installation, security wiring, software upgrades, and router installation. Electro Networks is a one-stop shop for all retail operation technology needs.

  • Electro Networks specializes in Multi-Site Rollouts
  • One-stop shop for all retail operations
  • POS wiring and terminal installation
  • Multi-site, Multi-state rollouts
  • Software upgrades and router installations

 Electro Networks offers Security and Telephone Systems Sales, Installation and Services

  • Building Access Control Systems
  • Cameras, DVR's, NVR's Asset Protection
  • Nortel, Avaya, Comdial, etc.
  • Moves-Adds-Changes, Programming, Troubleshooting, Installation

Electro Networks offers Security Systems for Home & Business
Protect your investment with building automation and secure access systems designed and installed by Electro Networks.

  • Electro Networks provides around-the-clock comprehensive facility management and asset protection through the use of card access devices, facility sensors, electronic door systems, cameras and recording devices.
  • Electro Networks' design engineers are proficient in the most up-to-date electronic surveillance and access management products in the market.
  • Electro Networks will properly design and fully integrate your Security and Access Management System to provide uncompromised monitoring of your commercial and residential property.

Electro Networks offers expertise in Fiber Optics Infrastructure

  • Design and integrate fiber optics into your infrastructure
  • Future-proof your network infrastructure
  • Low-loss and almost unlimited bandwidth
  • Single mode, multimode, MTP, outside plant

Electro Networks offers residential and commercial fiber optic cabling services
From "regular" copper to fiber optics and everything in between, Electro Networks installs data infrastructures of any size. Whether you are building a smart home or moving into a bigger space for your growing business, Electro Networks can do the install. Electro Networks has worked with medical institutions, Telco's, and other clients to deploy the fastest technology to date to future-proof their network infrastructures.

Electro Networks can provide the level of expertise required to achieve your project goals as stated in the needs assessment portion of the project. With our support any project can meet or exceed your expectations. Look to Electro Networks to bring the required team to the project relieving you of the burden of project management and implementation.

Electro Networks' design team is supported in their efforts by a staff of networking professionals providing over 30 years of experience by your side. Our objective is not only design or consult on a project, but also to provide quality lasting solutions protecting our customers' investment.

R&D Cutting-Edge Contract Engineering Services

Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting

Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) Contract Engineering Services Group has the ability to devise a solution and carry it from theory to product design, to manufacturing, testing, installation and operation. ESL's cutting-edge engineering solutions are based on over 30 years of technological experience and thousands of real-world applications. Because ESL has its own manufacturing capabilities, the ESL Engineering Services Group can design, build, and deliver custom products for each project in prototype or production quantities. This guarantees functionality and performance along with unsurpassed quality control.

ESL's R&D Engineering Services Group is significantly involved in a number of projects including Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems (EMALS), hybrid electric vehicles and precision instrumentation. The ESL Engineering Services Group works as an extension of its client's R&D team and works from theory to simulation, design, development, programming, etc., to develop working systems. Electro Standards develops innovative products for commercial, industrial, and military applications.

ESL's R&D Engineering Services Group is involved in the design of Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Systems designed for Sensor Buoys. The targeted applications for this technology include:

  • Recharging Stations for UUV (unmanned underwater vehicles)
  • Replacement for Solar Power
  • Augmentation of Solar Power
  • Elimination of Batteries
  • Sonar Listening Stations
  • Weather Monitoring Buoys
  • Wave Monitoring Buoys
  • Tsunami Warning Stations
  • Port Monitoring Buoys
  • Hybrid Battery/Super Capacitor Systems

ESL is addressing the need for extended operation of autonomous sensor buoys or other remote ocean platforms. Many existing remote ocean-based platforms currently are powered by batteries or by batteries in combination with solar power. As a solution to augment or replace any of these electrical-power-providing systems deployed in the ocean environment, power harvesting from ambient ocean wave energy becomes a natural and viable option.

Collaboration with the University of Rhode Island (URI) has produced two concept designs to address these needs. One concept is a direct drive system which provides power from the differential motion between the buoy float and a submerged resistant plate. The other concept is a resonant drive system which amplifies the generator' armature motion at the peak period of the sea state.

Scale model testing has been performed in the URI Department of Ocean Engineering wave tank as well as at the mouth of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. ESL model simulations have shown good agreement with scale model tests.

ESL's R&D engineering consultants have been involved in embedded controls, sensorless motor controls, multi-level inverters, controls modeling and simulation for motor drive systems, energy storage, and energy harvesting. ESL's R&D group is versed in using many types of DSP/microcontrollers to implement controls including TI DSP TMS320C3X, TMS320F24XX, TMS320C67XX, ADSP Sharc, Motorola 68HCxx, Infineon DSPs, 8xCXX, and more. ESL's R&D engineering group has designed structural controls to reduce bending or vibrations, PI controllers, advanced LQG, H-inf controllers, sliding mode controllers and much more.

ESL's engineering design team is also involved in precision instrumentation products involving strain gage or LVDT sensors, MIL spec cables and high-density fiber optics.

ESL is a Prime Contractor on Seaport-e Program, Contract # N00178-14-D-7265.

ESL is a subcontractor on the Seaport-e Program. Partnering with ESL are the following companies:

  • Advanced Technology and Research (ATR)
  • General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc. (GDIT)
  • Alion
  • Raytheon Technical Services
  • Engineering Systems Solutions, Inc. (ESS)
  • GBTI Solutions, Inc.

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