Equilibar, LLC.Equilibar manufactures high precision back pressure regulators and vacuum control valves.  Equilibar fits pressure control applications where the parameters are very demanding; high resolution requirements, harsh or aggressive chemistries, high temperatures, high pressures, ultra-low pressures, and very high turn down ratios.  Equilibar offers quick reaction times; speaking directly to engineer's within a minute of calling, quotes in less than 24 hours even for custom jobs, and most of our products custom configured and shipped in just 3 to 5 days.

Equilibar has developed a unique, patented dome-loaded technology that gives its new regulators unmatched precision over traditional spring loaded regulators.  Instead of using a diaphragm to move a valve stem, the Equilibar back pressure regulator uses direct sealing between the diaphragm and the valve seat. With only one moving part, the Equilibar is simple and elegant in design without the friction of moving parts found in normal spring loaded regulators.

Equilibar Regulators are constructed from Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Zirconium, PVC, Carbon Steel, PTFE and more. Port diameters are available from 1/8"- 4". Pressure ranges are available from vacuum to 5000psi

Products offered by Equilibar:

  • Back Pressure Regulators
  • Vacuum Regulators
  • Ultra Low Pressure Reducing Regulator
  • Research Series Regulators

Equilibar also represents precision electronic pressure regulators from  Proportion-Air and precision manual air regulators from Bellofram Precision Controls, in order to provide more complete solutions for customers.

Product Catalog

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Steam Valves
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Water Valves
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Solids Valves
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Technical Articles

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