Our mission is to design and manufacture industry leading technology and software for the four cornerstones of data center management: Power. Cool. Monitor. DCIM. We produce affordable, quality products while providing our clients with superior service. Whether it is enhancing customer care services or implementing new technologies, Geist promotes innovation, quality, and satisfaction in all aspects of business.

Independently, each Geist product line offers industry leading capabilities and technology for the data center. Together, these products combine power, cooling, monitoring and DCIM to create the four cornerstones for maintaining a secure and efficient data center. With a host of scalable DCIM systems for single cabinets, an entire enterprise and everything in between, each customer benefits from solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Keep on top of your business power needs with the help of Geist. The extensive selection of data center PDU power products includes solutions such as upgradeable power distribution units, monitoring sensors, low profile breakers and satellite power. Whether you are in need of basic products, such as transfer switches, or monitored power to help prevent circuits from overloading, put your trust in Geist. In an ever-growing digital age, it is more important than ever for a data center's power strips to function properly. You will find that Geist power products offer an affordable solution to your business needs, ensuring that your daily tasks run smoothly, without any glitches.

For a data center to run successfully day after day, it is essential to keep the environment cool. At Geist, there is a wide selection of data center cooling products to ensure that your business network runs smoothly. Whether you are looking for active cabinet containment, unity cooling or small room cooling, you can rest assured that there is a rack cooling system for your business needs at Geist. For the best rack cooling solutions for your business data center, at a price to suit your budget, it has to be Geist.

Environmental factors like heat, humidity and moisture pose a severe threat to your mission-critical infrastructure. These dangers can be minimized by incorporating a network of Geist sensors to collect data and alert users to potential threats. Geistâ??s line of monitoring products allows users to observe conditions from a secure Web interface and receive SNMP, email, text message or voice call alert notifications when environmental sensors detect a problem. The Web interface can display live video surveillance and environmental measurements including temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, power and water detection. Measurements are logged to track trends. Units equipped with dry-contact relay outputs can be used to trigger external devices, either automatically via programmed alarm thresholds or manually via the Web interface.

For comprehensive and reliable data center management, come to Geist. With a large offering of products and services in this category, we make data center infrastructure management for your business as simple as possible. Whether you are looking at undertaking DCIM training to gain a greater understanding of the system or you are looking to invest in an easy data center management solution, you will find everything you need here at Geist.

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