Geotest is a major manufacturer and distributor of soil testing equipment, geotechnical testing equipment, concrete testing equipment, ashalt test equipment, and equipment for testing other construction materials. Geotest soil and geotechnical testing equipment perform unconfined compression tests, triaxial tests, shear testing, consolidation, CBR, LBR, permeability, density, compaction, sieve analysis, grain size, liquid limit, shrinkage and plastic limit, classification, marshall tests, rice tests, and more. Many innovative test devices have been and are continuing to be developed by Geotest engineers.

Customers can contact Geotest directly or through any authorized dealer in the USA, Canada, Mexico and offshore. We specialize in international sales with a strong network of agents in most countries.

Our on-line catalog is being updated constantly and has many new items not presently in our general catalog. Descriptions may be more detailed. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, please contact our office. Probably we have it or can find what you need at a competitive price.

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