Our mission is to provide aerospace, defense, and aviation industry customers with
high quality, failure-proof, mission-critical systems and components 100% on time.

Amphenol Griffith Enterprises is a leading value-added manufacturer of electrical interconnect harnesses, systems controls, and ground support equipment for the military and commercial aerospace industries. Our combination of experienced design and manufacturing, mission-critical products, and regional aerospace support for the Southwestern United States, put us at the forefront of our industry.

Our experienced engineers work closely with customers to develop innovative product designs and manufacturing processes for multiple applications. They identify solutions that lead to the highest quality products at the best value by drawing on a rich knowledge base in aerospace component manufacturing.
    • Design Engineering
    • Manufacturing Capabilities
    • Southwest Regional Support

Our mission-critical products meet specific requirements for electrical connectivity, systems controls, testing, and support on a wide range of aircraft and equipment platforms. They are custom-designed, developed, and engineered to meet OEM and after-market customer needs. Products include:
    • Harnesses & Cable Assemblies
    • Panel Assemblies
    • Engine and Systems Controls
    • Ground Support Equipment

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