When HSI Sensing Started
HSI Sensing began manufacturing reed switches in 1968. Continuous growth and facilities expansion have characterized the past 40 years. Manufacturing moved to their present location in 1976, and the physical plant has been expanded three times since then. The last expansion in 1998 added 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space, including a state-of-the-art electroplating facility.

What HSI Sensing Does
HSI Sensing provides custom switching and sensing solutions.

What HSI Sensing Manufactures
HSI Sensing manufactures reed switches and proximity sensors. These devices complete electrical circuit paths when magnetism is placed in close proximity to the switch or sensor. Their production process is very precise and known for making the most difficult types of switches. They manufacture reed switches small enough to fit inside a heart pacemaker as well as sensors which meet tough military standards for installation on aircraft engines and controls.

Why Customers Choose HSI Sensing
Customers choose HSI Sensing for its outstanding reputation in product reliability, quality, special characteristics, and customer service. Their products are sold throughout the world. Many customers turn to them because they specialize in the difficult-to-manufacture products. Their custom design capabilities and quick response times are the keys to their success.

Excellence in Manufacturing
HSI Sensing not only strives for excellence in manufacturing, but has been rewarded for it. In February of 2006, HSI Sensing received The Journal Record Innovator of the Year award. This award honors companies in Oklahoma that introduce innovative products or services into their markets.

How HSI Sensing Makes Their Products
HSI Sensing's employees receive many months of on-the-job training to develop skills in electroplating, glass sealing, electrical testing, precision cutting, and welding operations. HSI Sensing designs, builds and maintains all of its special custom manufacturing equipment.

Where HSI Sensing Products Go
HSI Sensing is proud of its products and the outstanding work of their employees. Pacemakers of the highest quality contain the world’s smallest reed switch, which is made in HSI's hi-rel department. Additional applications include the International Space Station, golf and turf equipment, hearing aids, valve controls, military radios, aircraft, hospital defibrillators, and many more unique applications where quality and reliability are required.

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