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Honeywell Sensing & Control
Business Overview


Part Innovation. Part Engineering. Total Solutions.

Quality and innovation. You can find both attributes built into every Honeywell product or solution, back to the invention of the furnace regulator over 120 years ago. This tradition of excellence carries through the company’s Sensing & Control (S&C) business, the most recognized provider of highly differentiated, cost-effective and reliable sensor and switch solutions in the world.

Honeywell S&C, a business unit within Honeywell Automation & Control Solutions (ACS), delivers an unrivaled mix of high quality sensor and switch products for manufacturers in industries including aerospace, medical, industrial and test & measurement applications. With more than 50,000 products ranging from snap action, limit, toggle and pressure switches to position, speed and airflow sensors, Honeywell S&C has a product to meet any company’s needs.

Honeywell S&C’s deep engineering expertise, coupled with their worldwide service and sourcing capabilities, also ensures the best technical know-how in the industry.


Highly Differentiated Product Portfolio

Honeywell S&C is at the forefront of sensor and switch technology, offering the broadest range of industry solutions, each potentially appropriate for a wide array of basic and complex applications. Every design is engineered to be precise, repeatable and rugged, ensuring top performance for the lifetime of the application.

Examples include:


And Honeywell continues to innovate with their sensor and switch expertise, and help their customers solve their problems.


Superior Engineering Expertise and Service

In addition to the most comprehensive product lines, Honeywell S&C brings additional value to customers with engineering expertise and value-added service capabilities other companies simply cannot provide. Honeywell Sensing & Control engineers work closely with customers, bringing the domain knowledge and technology resources to deliver cost-effective, custom solutions — including:

  • Integrating multiple products and technologies into a single assembly
  • Globally sourcing components to ensure the best cost for customer application

Honeywell S&C has more than 6000 employees, with headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota, and engineering and manufacturing facilities worldwide. This makes them the full-service, globally competitive answer, which is why they’re unparalleled as the gold standard and unquestioned as the best value.

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