Impellimax was founded in 1986, specializing in hybrid circuit drivers for microwave control devices. Our capabilities are broad and now are including, but not limited to:

• PIN diode Switch Drivers
• Linearizers for Attenuators, VCO's, and Sensors
• GaAs MMIC Switch and Attenuator Drivers
• Drop-in Replacements for Obsolete Hybrids (National and others)
• YIG Drivers and other High-Current Hybrids
• Thin film hybrids, shipped with or without packaging
• Multichip modules, COB, mixed SMT and hybrid assemblies
• Aluminum and Gold wirebonding
• Gold ribbon bonding
• Multi-PCB driver systems and PC interface circuitry for microwave control

We are proud suppliers of commercial, MIL, and space-rel devices for such prominent companies as Raytheon, Hughes Missile Systems, E-Systems, MITRE, M/A-Com, BAE Systems, and Alpha.


• Pin Diode Drivers
Hybrid circuits that accept TTL, ECL, PECL (or whatever logic you use) and provide the currents and voltages to drive your PIN diode switch.

• Linearizer Hybrids
Hybrid circuits that take an analog voltage or current and provide an output voltage or current with a user-adjusted curve, such as for linearly driving PIN or GaAs attenuators, Varactor-controlled circuits, or for linearizing the outputs of sensor devices.

• Obsolete & DMS Replacements
We are your best source for drop-in replacements for National Semiconductor obsolete hybrids, such as the LH1605, LH0010, LH0021, LH0041, and the DH0035. MIL-screened, improved, and/or commercial versions are available, in various packaging options.

• MEMS Drivers
Impellimax provides a broad line of MEMS drivers, tailored to the specific drive needs of the various MEMS technologies in this rapidly advancing area of technology.

• GaAs MMIC Switch Drivers
Hybrid or SMT devices that convert a logic level command into the negative complementary output voltages that are needed to drive typical GaAs MMIC switches.

• Multifunction and Special Assemblies
What you need is what you get — SMT, MCM-L, COB, thick or thin film hybrid, or any useful combo that we need to do, to make your design happen.

• Energy Harvesting Modules
Impellimax is currently finalizing a patent application on a new aspect of Energy Harvesting. At that time we will be issuing a Press Release and publishing the SP101 Application Note on this website. Until then, please contact the factory for assistance on your Nanopower and Energy Harvesting needs.

• High Voltage Drivers
High speed moderate voltage drivers provide up to 30V back bias on diodes, but still can maintain 5 MHz repetition rates and high speed switching.

• Relay Drivers
Electromechanical switches use an electromagnetic coil to cause the mechanical actuation of DC and RF switch paths. Impellimax manufactures drivers specially suited to the requirements of these devices. Many electromechanical switches require a high DC current, on the order of tens to hundreds of milliamps, to remain actuated.

• K Series Building Block Hybrids
K Series Family is a wide range of new "building block" parts. These parts provide the electrical functions that system designers most typically need, and in a format that is low cost, hermetic, and very compact. These Building Block devices are all housed in the 14 lead K package.

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