ETL SEMKO is a division of Intertek Group plc (LSE: ITRK) specializing in electrical product safety testing, EMC testing, and benchmark and performance testing. With more than 30 offices and laboratories on four continents, and accreditations spanning nearly every region of the world, ETL SEMKO is a leader in global testing and certification.

Manufacturers and retailers rely on ETL SEMKO to test and certify their products to specific market and industry requirements. Markets served include medical devices, telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances, HVAC, lighting, and building products among many others. ETL SEMKO has forged a customer intimate reputation by assisting clients beyond just testing to the required standards. Providing guidance and local support throughout the testing process, creating flexible testing solutions, and working on clients' timelines, not their own, are hallmarks of ETL SEMKO's customer-first reputation.

Some of the global certification marks ETL SEMKO issues include:

  • the ETL Listed mark and Warnock Hersey mark for North America,
  • the S, CE and GS marks for Europe,
  • NOM in Mexico — you need as proof of compliance to market or industry standards.
  • and many others spanning Asia and other regions and markets of the world.

As an independent testing partner ETL SEMKO understands the business pressures manufacturers face. Like its clients, ETL SEMKO competes in a very demanding, fast-paced industry. This fosters a better understanding of the types of services and solutions that will meet its clients' business objectives. ETL SEMKO's fast, efficient, and client-focused solutions benefit its clients with faster time to market. In nearly all industries, faster time to market is directly linked to greater revenue potential.

Over the past five years ETL SEMKO's business has grown by more than 50%, as has the number of tests it performs around the world. As investments continue in testing facilities and engineering expertise in every corner of the globe, ETL SEMKO grows stronger in its ability to serve clients by offering local service with global strength. What's more, with experts who live in the countries clients wish to enter, who speak the language of the government authorities, and who have a detailed understanding of the local certification schemes gives ETL SEMKO a distinct advantage over its competitors.

No other testing company offers the depth of services, breadth of global locations, technical expertise, and the client responsiveness that Intertek ETL SEMKO delivers every day.

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