JESCO America Corporation/JAC MeteringLutz-JESCO America Corporation manufactures metering pumps, chemical feed systems, system accessories, and measuring and control equipment. JAC offers a broad line of magnetically, mechanically and hydraulically actuated positive displacement chemical proportioning pumps that are designed to satisfy challenging applications.

Lutz-JESCO America Corp. has injected liquid chemicals into the Water, Wastewater, Power, Swimming Pool, and Chemical Processing Industries for over 70 years.  Their Proportioneer and Yarway Cyclo/Phragm pump models 1200, 1700 & 5700 are still available under the Lutz-JESCO logo and are shipped worldwide.

Lutz-JESCO America Corp. (JESCO) manufactures:

JESCO America Corporation/JAC Metering Metering Pumps - complete line of magnetically, mechanically, hydraulically actuated positive displacement chemical metering pumps, which are designed to satisfy challenging applications.
JESCO America Corporation/JAC Metering Centrifugal Pumps - complete range of magnetic drive pumps made with reinforced thermoplastic polymers, specifically designed to transfer nearly any chemical or corrosive fluid
JESCO America Corporation/JAC Metering AODD Pumps - complete range of air operated diaphragm pumps available in polypropylene, PVDF, nylon, conductive nylon, aluminum and stainless steel
JESCO America Corporation/JAC Metering

Chemical Feed Systems - either pre-engineered or built to the customer's specifications, each system offers a complete solution for any process.  Chemical Feed Systems are available for both the industrial and municipal markets.

JESCO America Corporation/JAC Metering System Accessories - full line of metering pump accessories including back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, and pulsation dampeners.
JESCO America Corporation/JAC Metering Measuring and Control - used to achieve balanced feeding, by controlling the process in which the chemical pump is applied. Products include sensors and controllers.

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