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Jewell Instruments is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of panel meters, avionics components, inertial sensors, tilt sensors, clinometers, and precision solenoids. Jewell Instruments provides custom solutions for a diverse group of industries, including aerospace, medical, industrial, telecommunications, and many more. Jewell Instruments’ experienced engineering team works with customers to produce high quality, reliable products that meet or exceed all customer requirements.

For over 60 years, Jewell Instruments has provided commercial and industrial panel meter solutions. In today’s market, we offer our customers the only complete range of panel meter options available anywhere: analog and digital meters in surface, bezel, and window mounts as well as switchboard and edgewise configurations.

Our market leadership in high quality sensors includes both accelerometers and inclinometers. We serve industries ranging from aerospace, marine, communications, rail and rail transportation, and various industrial applications. Our depth of applications experience, product knowledge, and engineering expertise makes us the solution of choice.

Jewell Instruments specializes in valued-added avionics components. We are an industry-leader in both standard and custom designs. We manufacture our avionics components completely in-house ensuring that we meet or exceed your toughest specification.

Our industry leading experience in providing linear solenoids for challenging applications stretches over three decades serving the aerospace, medical, office equipment, photographic and safety and security systems markets.

Our Triplett test equipment product line brings over 100 years of experience providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced, rugged and reliable products in the marketplace. Combined with the most economical pricing available anywhere, Triplett products can’t be beat.


Jewell Instruments, LLCSENSORS & CONTROLS
Jewell Instruments, LLC
Jewell Instruments, LLC
Rugged, precision accelerometers and
inclinometers for aerospace, industrial,
military, transportation and rail markets.
Jewell Instruments, LLCMETERS & AVIONICS
Jewell Instruments, LLC
Jewell Instruments, LLC
Jewell Instruments is a leading provider of
traditional electro-mechanical avionic meter
mechanisms and instruments.
Jewell Instruments, LLC
Jewell Instruments, LLC
The Triplett brand exemplifies the highest quality, technologically advanced, rugged and reliable Test Equipment.

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