The KMI mission is to engineer, design and build paint and porcelain enamel finishing systems at a reasonable cost and within the project schedule. These systems must be reliable, environmentally friendly, require low maintenance and low operating cost and produce high quality finishes. Their commitment to customers doesn’t end with the system. They continue relationships with ongoing technical support and assistance after start up. They achieve customer satisfaction so consistently that their customers insist on becoming repeat customers!

KMI Systems' Custom Systems Include:

  • Porcelain Enamel Firing Furnaces Powder Coating Systems
  • E-Coat Systems
  • Liquid Coat Systems
  • UV Cure Systems
  • Paint Sludge Systems

KMI excels at determining and fabricating the type of finishing system that best fits customers’ needs to be competitive and stand out in their market place.

KMI Systems offers customers experienced project teams consisting of sales personnel, engineers, system designers, installation, maintenance and start up personnel who are all committed to you.

They look forward to speaking with you and sharing their engineering expertise. KMI Systems is a company of broad perspective with not only knowledge of application systems, pretreatment machines, curing and controls, but also material handling and a dozen related specialties.

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