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LaserStar Technologies Corporation

LaserStar Technologies is a lean, laser welding and laser marking equipment manufacturer. Our goal is to maintain leadership in the market segments in which we compete. The resources and focus of the Company are concentrated in creating and maintaining excellence in its laser welding equipment, laser marking equipment and laser engraving systems and accompanying laser education programs and research activities. Our aim is to enhance the quality, performance and innovation of our laser welding and laser marking products, programs and services on a continuing basis. We invite our customers, employees and friends to be an active participant in this mission.

Home of the Highest Quality Micro-Welding Lasers Manufactured in the USA

LaserStar Technologies CorporationThe value of being the only 100% "Made in USA" micro welding laser system directly servicing the North American medical device, mold repair (tool and die), industrial, jewelry, dental markets and research laboratory marketplace cannot be understated; the rewards of which are vividly demonstrated each time you sit down at an iWeld, iWeld Professional, LaserStar or FiberStar Laser Welding Workstation.

At LaserStar Technologies, providing uncommon quality and service is the foundation of their philosophy for every customer, every day.

Compact, Portable Laser Marking Systems

Our complete range of portable Pulse Fiber Engine laser marking systems offer the benefits of a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser marking onto almost any type of material and are ideal for a wide range of industries and integration applications.

LaserStar Technologies Corporation
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The Best Possible Price, Every Time, Without Question

Our commitment is to give you remarkable value for an extraordinarily fair price.  Honest, open communication; never complicated - always straightforward.

Customer Support Help Desk - 7 Day / 24 Hour Technical Assistance

Help is always just a phone call away, whenever and wherever you are in the United States of America, or any other part of the world. Their staff of Applications and Technical LaserStar Specialists is available to perform educational training, applications consultation, service, maintenance and technical troubleshooting support.

LaserStar Parts and Service

LaserStar's standard by which to judge their service is in the fact that they not only service and repair their LaserStar workstations, but also competitors' micro welding machines. When something is good, word gets around. They have assembled a team of laser certified professionals. They recognize that the quality of service isn't measured until you have a service problem. They make it their commitment to exceed your expectations when that time comes.

Your New LaserStar Product

LaserStar Technologies CorporationAs one of the nation's leading suppliers of micro-welding laser systems and laser marking systems, LaserStar Technologies is able to offer the greatest selection of laser welding and laser marking platforms, widest variety of optical viewing systems, attractive financing and second-to-none customer service. Selecting a LaserStar Product, whether it is the industry proven 7000 Series LaserStar Welding System, or the next generation of compact fiber laser marking and welding technology – the FiberStar brand, is made easier when dealing with professionals who have been recognized for exceeding their customers' service expectations, year after year since 1957.

Laser Welding and Laser Marking Products Include:
  • iWeld Laser Welding Systems
  • LaserStar Laser Welding Systems
  • FiberStar Laser Welding Systems
  • FiberCube Laser Marking Systems
  • FiberStar Laser Marking Systems
  • OEM Lasers 
  • Custom Laser Systems
  • Motion Control Devices
  • Laser Welding and Laser Marking Options and Accessories

FL LaserStar Center
8615 Commodity Circle, Suite 19
Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: (407) 248-1142
Fax: (866) 708-5274

CA LaserStar Center
145 North Sierra Madre Blvd., Suite One
Pasadena, CA 91107

Phone: (213) 612-0622
Fax: (866) 347-0934

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LaserStar Technologies Corporation
LaserStar Technologies Corporation
LaserStar Technologies Corporation