LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES, INC. is a distributor, reseller, and integrator of laser based measurement systems. 
Using non-contact distance sensors from DIMETIX USA , we supply systems using long range laser displacement sensors to measure and monitor size, level, and position in both indoor and outdoor applications.   LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES also supplies systems with short and long range laser displacement sensors and precision laser micrometers to measure a variety of parameters in industrial and laboratory environments.

DIMETIX Long Range Laser Distance Meters
  • Distance
  • Width
  • Length
  • Roll diameter
  • Object avoidance / crane position
  • Structural Monitoring
Laser-View Technologies, Inc.

The Dimetix laser distance sensors from DIMETIX USA are versatile non-contact measurement tools that detect objects both near and far in a rugged package and at an economical price. Measure distances from 0.05 to 500 meters with millimeter accuracy. This laser range finder measures distance, level and size without contact.

  • Non-contact and accurate optoelectronic measurement
  • 0.05 to 500 meters range
  • Measure up to 65 meters without a reflector
  • Durable solid aluminum construction
Laser-View Technologies, Inc.
Laser Distance Sensors
  • Distance
  • Thickness
  • Profile
  • Width
  • Run-out
Laser-View Technologies, Inc.

Laser-View Technologies laser distance sensors deliver complete non-contact laser displacement measurement systems. Measure distance, width and diameter of many materials without contact.

  • Superior Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • High speed non-contact laser gages measure products in process
  • System in one rugged housing, a separate controller is not required
  • Pair lasers in opposed to each other for thickness measurement
Laser-View Technologies, Inc.
Laser Micrometers
  • Diameter
  • TIR
  • Roundness
  • Film thickness
  • In process measurements
  • Bench top measurements
Laser-View Technologies, Inc.

The Aeroel XLS series of laser micrometers is well suited for measuring diameters in a wide variety of industries and applications. Any XLS laser micrometer can be adapted to measure diameter, TIR, thickness and gap measurements.

  • Non-contact measurement of clear and opaque parts
  • Round and irregular-shapes
  • Measure diameter, thickness, roundness and TIR
  • Quality lab or in process measurements
  • Centerless grinding, extrusion, etc.
Laser-View Technologies, Inc.

LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES can integrate any of our laser distance sensors or laser micrometers into turnkey measurement systems for bench top, semi-automated, automated, and in-process measurement.  We combine the laser sensors technology with fixturing, controls, and software to provide turnkey shop floor solutions.

Laser-View Technologies, Inc.

Laser-View Technologies, Inc.Dimetix laser distance meters are useful in the metal, lumber, and paper industries for measuring diameter, width, length, and machine alignment.  Their ruggedness has been proven.  A unique application uses the DLS series laser sensor to align saw blade parallelism.

Laser-View Technologies, Inc. Laser-View Technologies, Inc.Laser distance sensors are commonly used in process to measure thickness of foam, film, and steel in continuous webs.   Unique application software tracks multiple sets of thickness readings providing feedback to operators and data recording for process improvement purposes.
Laser-View Technologies, Inc. Laser micrometers are often integrated into machining and grinding centers to provide real time feedback to manufacturing processes.  When coupled with smart software and controls, a complete scanning system can be constructed.

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