Lightwave Enterprises Inc. provides customers with extensive optical design and manufacturing expertise and capability, all under one roof.

Utilizing the latest technologies in lens design, precision molding of plastic optics, thin film coating, single point diamond turning, metrology, optical engineering and automated opto-mechanical assembly, LEI can support all stages of product development. Whether the need is for engineering design, prototypes, or high volume production of optical components, Lightwave can truly provide high value, full service solutions - cost effectively and on-time.

Precision Plastic Optics
Lightwave has blended advanced molding techniques with leading edge, optical technology to produce superior precision plastic optics with turnaround times well ahead of industry standards. LEI regularly manufactures plano, cylindrical, toroidal, spheric, aspheric, and prismatic shapes. Their facility contains a modern white room environment as well as state of the art molding equipment and all the metrology expertise necessary to produce highly sophisticated optics and optical systems. They use robotics to produce high volumes at reasonable prices for automation-friendly assemblies. Low volume to high volume, their people and equipment stand ready to design, manufacture, and test optics in record time.

Single Point Diamond Turning
Lightwave uses Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) processes to rapidly prototype extremely precise spheres, aspheres, toroids, cylinders, conic and plano optics and assemblies for new programs. LEI’s clients can assess plastic optical designs without having to bear the large tooling expense of making an injection mold first. SPDT also enables LEI to deliver production tooling with much shorter lead times than usually experienced in the marketplace. Whether it is single cavity developmental tooling or multi-cavity production tools, Lightwave can provide their customers with the quick turnaround, cost-effective solutions they have come to expect.

Thin Film Coating
Lightwave technicians have more than 25 years of experience in coating design and manufacturing. While experts in coating glass surfaces, they also helped pioneer and perfect processes for increasing the durability of coatings on complex, molded polymer optics. Their state-of-the-art, high capacity Box Coater with Planetary Rotation, Airco Super Source E-guns, and Automated Deposition Controllers allows Lightwave to provide their customers flexible, reliable, and cost effective solutions to their coating needs for both prototypes and production.

Optical Design
Lightwave has extensive experience in optical design, lens design, illumination design, and optomechatronic subsystems. Designs can be tailored for high volume, automated assembly and precision alignment techniques, or low volume interactive precision alignment techniques. LEI frequently employs aspheric elements in plastic used in conjunction with glass spherical elements to achieve exceptional performance and value.

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