The Pyrogenics Group is the technological leader in the production of very specialized, high-purity carbon based products for key industries requiring innovative material solutions.

The Pyrogenics Group is a part of Minerals Technologies Inc., a resource and technology-based organization that develops and produces performance-enhancing minerals, mineral-based, and synthetic mineral products for manufacturing industries on a worldwide basis.

PYROID® Pyrolytic Graphite

The Pyrogenics Group is the leading manufacturer of a specialized, “five nine,” pure, biocompatible, carbon product able to handle extreme temperatures, corrosive environments, erosion, and can provide thermal conduction up to four times that of copper. This makes it ideal for thermal management solutions across a variety of industries.

The Pyrogenics Group provides a total solutions approach to specialized materials to support the particular needs of the electronics, medical device, aerospace and defense industries.

PYROID® Carbon Stripper Foil

The Pyrogenics Group is the world’s leader in the production of high-purity freestanding pyrolytic graphite films and stripper foils. Pyroid ® PG film can be supplied at any thickness between 2 µm to 75 µm.

Stripper foil is used in radiation sources, nuclear particle physics R&D, and radio isotope manufacturing used in today's state of the art, medical imaging equipment..

Carbon Composite Based Friction Solutions

The Pyrogenics Group has extensive experience in friction. They can tailor your friction material needs to the application by using their pyrolysis expertise to provide affordable resin impregnation for limited load bearing applications. They also offer infiltration and deposition for high friction performance under demanding material strength requirements.

For industries facing added material strength requirements they offer a unique silicon carbide coating on carbon composites that provides superior strength and oxidation resistance.

FIREX™ Fire Protection Coatings

For over 30 years, the Pyrogenics Group has provided sprayable intumescence FIREX™ coatings that absorb and reject thermal energy in a controlled and predictable manner.

Backed by analytical modeling based on extensive test correlations, they can model applications and predict the results to help guide the material selection process.

Ideal for applications involving high temperature ignition potential especially in a hydrocarbon based environment found in military, petrochemical and industrial applications.

Cost Competitive Custom High Temperature Processing

The Pyrogenics Group’s experts provide toll service for carbon based chemical vapor infiltration and impregnation. Their inert atmosphere and vacuum furnaces are capable of both small pilot runs as well as full scale production to support any industry.

With CNC machining capability and backed by full scale analytical analysis, they offer complete processing capabilities.

Economical, Full Service Analytical Testing

Mineral Technologies’ Analytical Services Group offers problem solving and analytical investigating testing services accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation to comply with ISO/IEC 17025-2005.

Ideal for R&D, Quality Assurance, Sales and Marketing, Operations, and other applications needing economical, full service, accredited testing. The laboratory functions as both a service organization and a research facility engaged in developing new and improved analytical methods.


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