For over 70 years, Malloy has provided electrical solutions to our customers. Malloy works with the customer to supply anything from advanced motor control to simple replacement components. Our staff is exceedingly qualified to deal with all aspects of the Electrical Industry ranging from utility transformers, switchboards, MCCs, soft starts and VFDs — all the way down to the smallest pushbutton or relay in your facility. Malloy is fully outfitted to deal with low or high voltage equipment (24V to 4160V), new services, or parts from an existing product.

Malloy Electric specializes in Variable Frequency Drives or VFDs. Our VFD group has the expertise necessary to best handle your industrial drive needs and applications. Malloy has a large inventory of VFDs spanning over the upper Midwest, such as North and South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Our drive inventory currently exceeds 300 drives from fractional HP to 500 HP low voltage. Malloy's VFD stock includes voltages from 230 to 460 volts to suit many different application demands.

As one of the largest motor distributors in the Midwest, we have over 5,000 motors currently in stock. In fact, our motor stock ranges from 1/125 HP to over 2000 HP. We stock low and medium voltage motors, single and three phase motors in a large variety of enclosures. Our extensive motor inventory includes:

• Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled (TEFC) from fractional to 500 HP, both general purpose and severe duty
• Open Drip Proof (ODP), Weather Protected I (WPI), and Weather Protected II (WPII) motors from fractional to 2000 HP
• Washdown, both stainless steel and epoxy coated, from fractional to 15 HP
• Vertical hollow shaft, both WPI and TEFC, from 25 HP to 250 HP
• Pump motors, both JM and JP frames in ODP and TEFC, from fractional to 25 HP
• We also stock miscellaneous motors such as brake motors, custom made motors, and many application specific motors including farm duty and auger motors
• We inventory many different speeds of motors ranging from low speed up to 3600RPM

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