METTLER-TOLEDO Process Analytics is a leading supplier to end users and system integrators for liquid analytical measurement solutions to control production processes. The Process Analytics division consists of two business units: INGOLD and THORNTON.

INGOLD specializes in solutions for pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity and CO2 for process analytics applications in chemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. THORNTON manufactures instrumentation and sensors used for liquid process measurement and control in pure water applications, with measurements of resistivity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, flow, pH, ORP (oxidation reduction potential), sodium, silica, and TOC (total organic carbon).

Products and Solutions:

pHSensor / ORP
(Redox) Sensor

Gas Analyzer -
Oxygen Gas Sensor

Total Organic
Carbon Analyzer


Dissolved Oxygen
Sensor / Dissolved
CO2 Sensor / Turbidity

Conductivity Sensor / Resistivity Sensor

Dissolved Ozone
Sensor / Flow Sensor

Process Adaption
(Sensor Housings) and Sensor Cleaning Systems

INGOLD & THORNTON products are commonly found in these applications:

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