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Murata Machinery USA, Inc. Murata Machinery USA, Inc. Murata Machinery USA, Inc. Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

L&A: Leaders in automated material handling systems - automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), automated guided vehicles (AGV), conveyor and sorting systems, systems integration, equipment controls and warehouse management, clean room systems.

Turning: Automated turning centers and systems from Murata Machinery USA, Inc., provide the most productive yet flexible manufacturing alternatives. Muratec offers proven, reliable twin spindle and single spindle automated CNC lathes along with complete applications and service support.

Forming: Leader in Turret Punch Press technology offering 20 to 50 ton models. Automation options add unmanned high productivity with great returns on investment. Formerly Murata Wiedemann.

Textiles: Vortex spinning is latest technology in yarn manufacturing. 21C winder – innovation for the 21st century. Individual drive twisting.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing automated material handling systems, machine tool technology and textile machinery. The Muratec brand is synonymous with industrial automation and reliability across our extensive product line.

Murata Machinery's Logistics and Automation Division facilitates the transition from labor intensive factory and warehousing operations, to leading edge automated material handling and information control systems with a full line of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), automatic guided vehicles (AGV), and conveyor and sorting systems. Also, Muratec has the broadest product line of clean room factory automation in the industry, providing customized and tailored solutions.

Murata Machinery's Machine Tool Turning Division supplies twin and single spindle automated turning centers, providing innovative technology and compact designs for high productivity with intelligent gantry loader material handling. Muratec automated CNC turning lathes are utilized in aerospace manufacturing, automotive engineering and other industries that place a premium on precision, high speed turning machines.

The Machine Tool Forming Division specializes in factory automation with Turret Punch Presses configured with mechanical, hydraulic and servo motor punch drives. Our push pull tooling design is influenced by the legendary Wiedemann line, whose Wiedematic revolutionized the metal forming industry. We also offer contouring options of air plasma and laser on our hybrids. All Muratec machines can be automated from simple load/unload cells to Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) that stock, load and process sheet metal in a lights out unmanned environment. Murata leads the way in productivity, design and durability in the sheet metal fabrication industry.

Murata Machinery's Textile Machinery Division continues to be a recognized leader in Vortex and Air Jet spinning technology along with highly advanced winding, twisting and texturing systems that provide sophisticated textile engineering for the yarn manufacturing segment of the textile industry.

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