Beginning with work in atmospheric monitoring in the early 1960s, Scott Specialty Gases became a leading supplier of specialty gas mixtures needed to accurately monitor air quality as well as the world's largest producer of EPA protocol gases. Since that time, Scott gas mixtures have been regarded as the benchmark of quality for any application requiring high-accuracy specialty gas mixtures. As part of Air Liquide, the Scott name and technology live on as the SCOTT brand of gas mixtures for all types of industrial and scientific applications. Team SCOTT know-how still draws on original, proprietary Scott technology such as ACUBLEND™, ACULIFE™ and GRAVSTAT™, to facilitate preparation of the most accurate specialty gas mixtures available.

We use original, unique Scott technology to produce the same high-performance specialty gases for which the Scott name is known. As part of the worldwide Air Liquide Group, we provide our customers with even greater value and diversity of products and services that goes far beyond specialty gas mixtures. We offer fast, nationwide delivery of pure gases and SCOTT™ brand specialty gas mixtures from local facilities — for all types of process control and instrument calibration applications. These include:

• Electronics and Semiconductor Processes
• Engine Emissions Testing Gas Mixtures
• Environmental Compliance and Monitoring
• Food and Beverage Preparation
• Glass Insulation
• Hydrocarbon, Oil and Gas
• Homeland Security
• Laboratory and Research
• Lighting and Rare Gases
• Welding and Laser Cutting

We offer an extensive line of SCOTT™ brand gas handling equipment that is guaranteed to preserve gas purity and integrity and deliver it safely to the point of use. Inventory includes:

• Custom Gas Distribution System Design
• Gas Cabinets and Storage Units
• Manifolds and ChangeOver Systems
• Miscellaneous Gas Fittings and Equipment
• On-site Safety Audits
• Point-of-Use Panels
• Gas Pressure Regulators
• Flowmeters
• Wireless Gas Monitoring
• Industrial Grade Equipment
• Cryogenic

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