Tanyx was founded in 1988 by Jerry Schulze and Rob Kieser to serve industrial applications for Sensing ~ Control/Display — Power Handling Our goals are simple and straightforward.

  • To employ our technical expertise and application experience to help you select the optimum product
  • To supply quality ~ on schedule ~ at fair price
  • To continue technical and commercial support throughout the life cycle of your product
We have maintained Tanyx as a small company offering on-going personal service and support.

Whoever you buy from will continue working with you, they won't "disappear" and turn you over to someone "inside" after you place your first order.

We literally have no "policy and procedure" manual. We try to use common sense to try and blend with the way you're accustomed to doing business.

A relatively limited number of lines allow us to understand their operation and applications so we aren't simply order takers who refer all technical questions to the "factory".

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