ToolBoxesDirect.comEvery job - big or small - requires well-maintained tools. Whether you're fixing a sink, assembling furniture, or building a house, you're going to need a tool box to protect your equipment from weather, theft, and the abuse inherent in good hard work. The more ambitious the job, the more tools you need to bring, and the more tool box you'll need. ToolBoxesDirect.com has everything that you and your equipment need to stay ready.

Maybe you need a standard tool box to store under the sink or in a closet for quick and easy DIY. Or perhaps you need something bigger, like a tool cart that can wheel around the shop or garage and dispense both large and small pieces. We have material options, too - metal tool boxes are made from either aluminum or steel and durable plastic tool boxes molded from polyethylene. Either will give you a safe, reliable place to keep the tools of your trade. We have over 400 products for you to choose from - regardless of application or budget, there's a toolbox here for you.

Our tool boxes are heavy-duty, but only the sturdiest models make it into our Job Site Tool Boxes section. These make good permanent storage, but tradesmen know that lugging around a tool box all day is neither practical nor productive. We have a wide selection of tool belts, tool totes, and handy bucket caddies for carrying nails and screws to help you get your work done faster and more efficiently.

If you're really serious about construction, move from site to site, or simply carry a lot of heavy things, a truck tool box is the way to go. Adding a protected and secured storage unit to the bed of your truck drastically increases that area's usefulness. Just like with our regular tool boxes, there are many different models available to fit your needs and vehicle.

As a Hayneedle store, ToolBoxesDirect.com offers fast, low-cost shipping on all our products. Everything here is in stock and ready to ship, so you'll get your tool box fast. And if you have any lingering questions, don't be afraid to let our Customer Care Center fix you up! We're proud of our staff of knowledgeable professionals, available by phone and email to make this the best online shopping experience you'll ever have.

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