Vestal Electronic Devices, LLC

Vestal has been providing Innovative Tape and Reel Component Packaging Solutions to the electronics industry for over 30 years. They offer a full range of tape and reel packaging services for Axial, Radial, Surface Mount, Odd-Form Devices to simplify material handling and optimize the utilization of today's high-speed component assembly equipment.

Vestal is the electronic industry’s largest supplier of Jumper Wire Products. Their Jumpers are available in Axial, Radial and Surface Mount configurations (bare and insulated) and are designed to provide reliable, cost effective solutions for interconnecting circuit traces. Vestal’s Jumpers are also used as auto-insertable fusible links, test points and flexible interconnects for joining mother/daughter board assemblies.

Vestal's jumper products feature lead-free designs that comply with the European Union's Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives. Vestal's Microelectronic Packaging Services have extended the benefits of Tape and Reel Component Packaging to Wafer Level Chip Scale Devices. The same tape and reel packaging techniques used to automate the assembly of SOICs, PLCCs, QFPs and other SMDs are now available for Flip Chip, Bare Die and other Microelectronic Devices. Vestal's state-of -the-art die handling equipment automatically inspects, sorts and repackages (tapes & reels) diced wafers to optimize today's high-speed placement systems.

Tape and reel component packaging is “time-proven” to be the most reliable and cost effective means of handling delicate electronic components in today's demanding manufacturing environments. Part protection, positive identification, traceability, convenient handling and precise part feeding are only a few of the many of benefits tape and reel packaging offers over complex bulk, tube and tray feeding systems.  Tape and reel component packaging is also an excellent alternative to costly direct die feeders that can be time consuming to program and difficult to maintain.

Vestal Electronic Devices, LLC
Vestal Electronic Devices, LLC

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