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power systems.
Warner Power designs and builds custom power supply solutions for a wide range of critical industrial applications. Every Warner power supply begins with a fully integrated high quality transformer. Warner offers total in-house capability.
Warner Power electronic ballasts (75-300W, 400W, 500W, & 800W) are the preferred solution for specialty Xenon lamps used in both medical and entertainment lighting.
The Warner Power Termiflex line of rugged industrial-strength handheld and panel mounted data terminals (HMI), is ideal for customized data entry and interface applications.
Daykin's famous brand of "Transformer Disconnects' has joined the Warner stable. These devices provide convenience and safety in any major electrical plant.

all warner products...
are available for special or custom applications.

Warner Power designs, engineers and manufactures customized industrial dry type transformers, (including natural convection, forced air and water-cooled units), power conversion systems, including power supplies, chokes, filters and reactors for industry. State of the art electronic ballasts and ignitors are used to power high performance arc lamps.

With many years of service, and a reputation for quality and reliability at a competitive price, Warner Power supplies magnetics and power controls for Motor Drives (including Elevators), Electric Furnaces and for all kinds of 'mission-critical' highly-controlled process heating and other power conversion/control applications.

Electronic ballast applications include Endoscopes, Projectors, Entertainment and Specialty lighting, UV Curing and Fiberoptics.

Drawing from its unmatched experience, bridging transformer manufacturing, power engineering, analog and digital controls, and software development, Warner Power offers turn-key solutions with innovative state-of-the art designs. Using comprehensive magnetics and electronics capabilities, these custom-designed power systems offer the best in integrated solutions.

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