Zorin offers electronic design services that allow you to extend your capabilities to real world devices.

In addition to our stock products we occasionally take on projects for some of our customers. We generally may get involved where a product is being created. More specifically, we can provide:
• Research — We help you decide how to solve a problem and pick components
• Engineering — We can provide schematics, documentation and artwork
• Custom manufacturing — We provide silk-screen, fabrication, cable and other services
• Programming — We can write the software to drive your project.

Since 1985 Zorin has been providing expert programming, engineering and hosting services to organizations near and far. Zorin specializes in creating and managing efficient systems and networks using the latest in open source technology.

Here are some specific ways we have been helping customers:
• We architect network and server systems using the most common open source methods to be automated and resource efficient.
• We build, install and maintain Internet and Intranet servers and systems
• We monitor and maintain services we host or remote services.
• We develop custom software solutions for unique business processes.

Whether you only have occasional support needs or require ongoing commitment, we're here to help. Efficiency and saving clients money have long been our hallmarks as well as striving to get the job done right.

Since 1986, Zorin has been offering software design services to organizations large and small. We offer simple, low cost hosting for non-technical clients right up to fully automated web communication systems interfacing with the latest technologies. Since the beginning of the World Wide Web, Zorin has completed some complex sites for travel, banking, electronics, humanities and service sectors.

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