Industrial Chassis and Card Cages from Kontron USA

XL1000 Series

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The XL1000 series enclosures provide flexible, cost effective platforms with good features and backplane options like H.110 on J4 and PICMG 2.16 configurations. Designed for Telecom, Telephony, Network Infrastructure or Military Equipment manufacturers, XL1100 (1U), XL1200 (2U) XL1300 (3U) and XL1400 (4U) have already been delivered with Kontron 6U Intel and PowerPC processors, PMC and IO boards.

Product Category
Industrial Chassis and Card Cages
Product Type
Mounting Style
Rack-mount Product Dimensions
19" Width
Backplane Bus
Form Factor
6U x 160mm (B-Size)

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ISA Slots
PCI Slots
PISA Slots
3U CompactPCI / PXI Slots
6U CompactPCI / PXI Slots
3U VME / VXI Slots
6U VME / VXI Slots
Power Supply
Power Rating