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Capacitive Level Sensor -- SC 120 + CN200

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Capacitive Level Sensor -- SC 120 + CN200-Image

The SC120 probe controls and measures level along with the CN200 level transducer. This set is also a RF capacitance transmitter system for measurement of level in a variety of products. The SC120 probe sends an mV signal to the CN200 transducer, which converts the (mV) signal into a 4-20mA signal. Unlike the SC 404, the SC120 working with the CN200 transducer has two adjustable level controls in a scale of 0-100% with a bar graph level indication, as well as a Zero and Span adjustment own enclosure.The SC120 and CN200 set as well as the other RF capacitive models have a wide range of applications; they can be used in conductive and non-conductive liquids, solids and slurries. Sitron's SC120 probes and CN200 transducers provide reliability, easy use and installation.

Product Category
Level Sensors
Device Classification
Sensor Only; Sensor System; Transmitter
Measuring Range
20 to 79 inch (508 to 2007 mm)
Accuracy (Continuous Level)
0.0500 +/-inch (1.27 +/-mm)
Number of Switch Points Range
1 (#)
Media Type
Liquid; Dry material (Bulk solids and powders)

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Level Measurement Type
Output Options
Field Adjustable
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