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Acids Calibration Check Mixture -- EPA Method 8250A/8270B,CLP

Acids Calibration Check Mixture -- EPA Method 8250A/8270B,CLP -- View Larger Image
Acids Calibration Check Mixture -- EPA Method 8250A/8270B,CLP-Image

Chem Service, Inc. produces high purity chemicals for use as reference materials and for other laboratory purposes. More than 95% of their Standards Grade materials have a certified purity of 98.0% or greater and do not require purity corrections when preparing solutions for use with EPA, ASTM, UST and numerous other International Methods. Standards grade chemicals are clearly labeled with an expiration date that is based upon years of experience in handling and testing. Products are packaged in small quantities to minimize storage, waste and disposal requirements. Organic and inorganic chemicals, solutions and mixtures are available, as well as more than 70 chemical kits that are designed to meet a wide range of specialized laboratory needs. They have thousands of worldwide customers in a wide range of sectors, including government and regulatory agencies; food quality control; agricultural testing and research; life science endeavors; environmental control and remediation; college and university work; and the manufacture of chemicals, pulp and paper, and alcoholic beverages.

Product Category
Chemical Additives and Agents
Reagent; Reference / Chemical Standard

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