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FP Constant Watt Heating Cable -- FP Foundation Heating

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Thermon FP parallel resistance constant watt heating cables are designed to provide frostheave protection of cryogenic storage vessels. With cut-to-length parallel circuitry, FP cables can be field fabricated, eliminating the need for specific circuit lengths to be provided for the application.
FP cable construction, with its unique fiberglass overlay, provides the needed cyclic reliability for foundation heating not found in other cables of this type. The fluoropolymer overjacket provides corrosion resistance, durability for installation in conduit, and lowers the friction factor for pulling.
Because FP cables are not subject to the inrush current associated with self-regulating heating cables, the need for oversizing power distribution equipment is eliminated. FP cables are approved for use in ordinary (nonclassified) areas, hazardous (classified) areas and Categories 2 and 3 ATEX classified areas.

Product Category
Electric Heaters
Heater Type
Heating Cables; Trace Line Heater
Power Requirement
Single Phase AC Voltage
AC Voltage Required
120 to 575 volts

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Sleeve (Sheath) Material
Insulation Options

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