COOLVAC 1.500 SL Cryopumps -- 844 212 (2x)

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COOLVAC 1.500 SL Cryopumps -- 844 212 (2x) -- View Larger Image
COOLVAC 1.500 SL Cryopumps -- 844 212 (2x)-Image
  • Hydrocarbon-free high vacuum
  • High capacity for argon and hydrogen
  • High crossover value
  • Simple operation
  • Trouble-free integration into complex systems
  • Fully automatic regeneration through Cryo Compact Control
  • Easy servicing

Product Category
High Vacuum Pumps
Individual Vacuum Pump
Performance Specifications
Pumping Speed
9747 CFM (16576 m³/hr)
Pump Technology
UHV / High Vacuum
Cryogenic or Cryosorption
Physical Characteristics
Pump Stages
Two Stage
Lubrication Style
Dry or Oil-less

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