Shear Force and Load Sensors Datasheets

Deep Sea Clevis Pin System
from Strainsert

The Strainsert deep sea/high pressure Clevis Pin provides the ability to measure force at clevis joints under high pressure conditions. Complete systems are available, and include the instrumented Clevis Pin, cabling, and a digital display indicator. Specification Detail. Output – 4-20 ma Loop... [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Package: Load Pin
  • Accuracy: 0.72
  • Shear Type: Shear Beam
Shear Beam Load CEll -- LQB 610
from Cooper Instruments & Systems

The model LQB 610 Shear Beam Load Cell is designed for use in low profile applications. The LQB 610 is environmentally protected with waterproof sealing and nickel plated high alloy tool steel. Loads are applied via load button above the beam or suspended on a wire rope assembly below the beam. The... [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Package: Plate / Platform
  • Force Rating: 250 to 10000
  • Shear Type: Shear Beam
QLA110 Amplified Load Sensing Clevis Pin -- QSH00026
from FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

QLA110 , 1500 lb , Amplified Load Pin , Clevis Pin , Shear Pin Load Cell , 0.495" [12.57 mm] OD , 2.5 +/-2 VDC Analog Output , Material - 17-4 PH S.S. , Internal Amplifier , 6 Pin Bendix Receptacle, PT02A-10-6P [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Accuracy: -2.00 to 2.00
  • Force Rating: 1500
  • Package: Load Pin
Digital Load Cell -- C16i
from HBM

With the digital C16i load cell and the TRADE® PC software, HBM provides a digital weighing system solution offering clear advantages over a conventional solution. [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Package: Canister
  • Force Rating: 44100 to 132300
  • Shear Type: Single Point Bending Beam
Force Sensor -- fSENS MA
from Hirschmann™, A BELDEN BRAND

This stainless steel sensor generates an output signal in proportion with the load and permits application in routine industrial operations. Above all, these load cells are able to satisify the operational demands upon them thanks to their compact design. The measuring amplifier is integrated in an... [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Package: Load Pin
  • Force Rating: 2248 to 674400
  • Output: Analog Current; Analog Voltage; CANopen
Dynacell™ 2527 Series -- 2527-100
from Instron®

The Dynacell load cell minimizes errors from inertial loads by using an accelerometer that is right at the heart of the load cell, directly on the load axis. The conditioning of the acceleration signal from the Dynacell is handled as standard in the digital 8800 electronics and is set-up... [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Package: Pancake
  • Force Rating: ? to 11240
  • Output: RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485
Customer Force Sensors
from NOSHOK, Inc.

Features & Benefits. Thin film sensor is laser welded to the deformation body for superior strength and performance. Extremely accurate - with the help of Finite Element Method Analysis, this sensor is able to reach accuracies from 0.2% to 1% Full Scale. Custom-designed to customer... [See More]

  • Force Measured: Tension; Compression; Shear
  • Accuracy: 0.20 to 1.00
  • Force Rating: 1000 to 100000
  • Package: S-beam; Pancake; Donut / Washer; Plate / Platform; Bolt; Link; Miniature; Cantilever; Canister; Load Pin; Rod End - Male; Rod End - Female; Tank Weighing
Series Bearing Force Load Cell -- SS6000
from Sherborne Sensors

The SS6000 series are strain gauge based shear force sensing load cells incorporating cylindrical ends to facilitate the mounting of bearings direct to the load cell [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Package: Cantilever
  • Force Rating: 4410 to 11025
  • Output: Analog Voltage
Circuit Board Mounted Load Cell -- S420
from Strain Measurement Devices, Inc.

The Model S420 load cell is a new circuit board mounted load cell intended for applications requiring accurate measurement of full scale forces of up to 25 pounds-force. It can be soldered directly into a rigid printed circuit board. A 5,000 Ω bridge offers low power consumption for extended... [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Package: Plate / Platform
  • Force Rating: 0.1000 to 25
  • Output: Analog Voltage
Load Pin Transducer
from Teledyne Instruments

Teledyne Instruments offers Load Pin Transducers to determine radial loading on a pinned joint. We also manufacture custom Load Cells to measure single or multiple-axis loading in demanding customer requirements. These items may be ordered in lot sizes 1-1000. Load Pin Transducers (also known as... [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Shear Type: Shear Beam
  • Package: Load Pin
  • Device: Sensor / Transducer
Vishay Celtron -- Model CLB
from Vishay Precision Group

Free of horizontal movement, insensitive to side load [See More]

  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Package: Link; Tank Weighing
  • Force Rating: 20000 to 125000
  • Shear Type: Shear Beam