Thermoelectric Cooling Thermal Imagers Datasheets

from Xenics nv

The ultra-compact Bobcat-640-CL meets machine vision system designers who need high sensitivity in the SWIR range for specialized quality inspection and high temperature process control.The Bobcat-640-CL is perfectly suited for high speed imaging at full 640x512 resolution with high frame rates up... [See More]

  • Cooling: Thermoelectric Cooling
  • Spectral Range: 0.9000 to 1.7
  • Operating Temperature Range: -45 to 85
  • Detector Type: Array; SWIR Camera
2000 Series High Performance SWIR Camera -- A2600sc
from FLIR

Compact High Resolution InGaAs Camera. With its low noise and high sensitivity 640 × 512 InGaAs sensor, the A2600sc NIR camera complements FLIR's range of imaging products for automation, research, and science applications. NIR Imaging – 640 × 512 InGaAs detector with a spectral... [See More]

  • Cooling: Thermoelectric Cooling
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 30 to 14204
  • Spectral Range: 0.9000 to 1.7
  • Detector Type: Array