9 Motor Contactors Datasheets

A200 Series Contactor -- A201KB Series
from Eaton Corporation - Power Control & Logic Components

All Class A200 non-reversing starters contain block Type B three-pole overload relays with three current transformers. A200 sizes 5 and 6 starters contain an AC magnetically operated size 5 or 6 line contactors, and size 6 starters include a control relay with contacts to handle the coil current. [See More]

  • NEMA Size: 00 (optional feature); 0 (optional feature); 1 (optional feature); 2 (optional feature); 3 (optional feature); 4 (optional feature); 5 (optional feature); 6 (optional feature); 7 (optional feature); 8 (optional feature); 9 (optional feature)
  • Device Technology: Electro-mechanical
  • Standard Rating: NEMA
  • AC Motor Phase: Single (optional feature); Three (optional feature)

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