Linear Motion Guide Linear Bearings Datasheets

MINIRAIL Carriage -- MNN 12 [MNN 12 from Schneeberger Inc.]
from Electromate

All installation and connection dimensions are in accordance with the DIN standard 645-2. The type designation of the individual products refers to the rail width in mm (e.g., MN 14 = rail width 14 mm). The design of the running tracks is based on the proprietary SCHNEEBERGER know-how. An... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Linear Motion Guide
  • Bearing Width: 1.06
  • Special Bearing Materials: Stainless; Corrosion Resistant. (optional feature)
  • Bearing Length: 1.43
Ball Slide Guides -- BSG10-1-115
from Isotech, Inc.

The BSG Ball Slide Guide consists of a block and a guide rail, both having two R-shape raceway grooves machined by precision grinding. The block consists of a main body having raceway grooves and a resin return cap ensuring smooth circulation of balls. These precision steel balls roll in the... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Linear Motion Guide
  • Static Cap.: 375 to 1544
  • Bearing Length: 1.57 to 34.64
Bearing Carriage PS 4-15 -- 0.0.443.06
from item America, LLC

The Bearing Carriages can be used either individually or in various combinations on one or more rails. The Bearing Carriage has four polished tracks on which the bearings are in linear rolling-ball contact with the profiled rail. The bearings are recirculated through the end-face reverse units and... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Linear Motion Guide
  • Open Closed - Bushing: Open
  • Bearing Housing: Rectangular
  • Bearing Features: Wipe / Seal (optional feature)
Frelon® Lined Pillow Blocks, Closed Type Compensated Series – Inch -- BLAABX-PX04CCS
from Quality Bearings & Components

Frelon ® Lined. PILLOW BLOCKS-CLOSED TYPE – INCH. • Self-Aligning. • Anodized Aluminum Body 6061-T6. • Frelon ® Lined Aluminum Bearing. • Self-Lubricating. NOTE: For parallel shaft applications, use Compensated Series bearings. *Maximum speed is 400 ft/min.; maximum... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Linear Motion Guide
  • Bearing Width: 1.19
  • Special Bearing Materials: Anodized Aluminum; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.2500
MONORAIL BM Series Profiled Linear Ball Guideway -- BM WR 15 A
from Schneeberger Inc.

SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL BM WR/SR stainless steel guideways are designed for applications where common anticorrosion coatings are not sufficient. This is the case if linear guides are used in an environment conducive to corrosion and in processes which cannot tolerate particle generation from... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Linear Motion Guide
  • Bearing Width: 1.85
  • Special Bearing Materials: Stainless; Bearing and Rail Assemblies (optional feature); Corrosion Resistant.
  • Bearing Length: 2.23
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

5mm Bore, 22mm Overall Length, Precision Frelon Lined Bearing. [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Linear Motion Guide
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.4724
  • Special Bearing Materials: ALUMINUM/FRELON
  • Bearing Length: 0.8661
DST Linear Bearings -- DST- 1520 [DST- 1520 from PM Bearings B.V.]
from Alliance for Precision Systems, Div of TPA, LLC

Precision ground center guideway, compact design, accurate linear motion [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Linear Motion Guide
  • Bearing Length: 0.8661
  • Bearing Width: 0.7874
  • Height: 0.1772
GDL Aluminum Roller Guide -- FDC12HP Series
from Parker Hannifin / Automation / ORIGA - Europe

Aluminium roller guides for precise and quiet operation. Guideline aluminium profile roller guides provide smooth operation and high load carrying capacity for industrial automation. By use of light weight aluminium components the moving masses are reduced, travel speeds are increased and actuation... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Needle Roller Cage; Linear Motion Guide
  • Bearing Width: 1.46
  • Special Bearing Materials: Stainless; Aluminum Alloy; Bearing and Rail Assemblies; Corrosion Resistant.; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Length: 2.52