Plain / Journal Linear Bearings Datasheets

Simplicity® Standard Inch Series -- FL08 [FL08 from PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Company]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

1/2" Precision Bore; FrelonGOLD Lined Linear Bearing [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.5000
  • Special Bearing Materials: Aluminum; Corrosion Resistant.; Rotary Motion; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Length: 1.25
Closed iglide® J -- Series RJUI-01
from igusĀ® inc.

Advantages of DryLin ® R. Self-lubricating. Maintenance-free. Can be used in extreme dirt conditions. Can be used underwater or in washdown conditions. Replaceable liner. Dimensionally interchangeable with standard recirculating ball bearings. Vibration dampening. No seals or wipers needed [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Width: 0.5000 to 3
  • Special Bearing Materials: Plastic; Anodized Housing; Corrosion Resistant.; Rotary Motion
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.5000 to 3
Oil-Free Bushing Housing Unit -- LFBA Series

Tall block type,multi-layer LF bushing built-in type,aluminum alloy housing [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Width: 2.28
  • Special Bearing Materials: Bronze; PTFE and Steel Layer; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Diameter: 1.18
Flange-mounted Sleeve Bearings - Inch -- BLAFMT-DFP08
from Quality Bearings & Components

Frelon ® Lined. FLANGE-MOUNTED SLEEVE BEARINGS – INCH. • Self-Aligning. • Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Housing. • Frelon ® Lined. • Self-Lubricating [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Width: 1.25
  • Special Bearing Materials: Anodized Aluminum; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.5000
Water Pump Bearings -- IB8001
from Aetna Bearing Company

Water Pump Bearings [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.6267
  • Special Bearing Materials: Bearing and Rail Assemblies
  • Bearing Length: 2.62
Composite Bearings Inch Series Closed -- L1018-12
from Lee Controls, LLC

With a relatively low coefficient of friction, LEE LINEAR ® Composite Pillow Blocks are available in Ceramic and Self Lubricating models with or without the self aligning feature. [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.6255
  • Special Bearing Materials: Ceramic (optional feature); Rotary Motion; Self Lubricating (optional feature)
  • Bearing Length: 1.5
Slideline Series -- SL25
from Parker Hannifin / Automation / ORIGA - Europe

The cost-effective plain bearing guide for medium loads. Only for Spindle drives OSP-E SB Series and OSP-E ST Series: Anodised aluminium guide rail with prism-shaped slideway arrangement. Adjustable plastic slide elements. Composite sealing system with plastic and felt wiper elements to remove. dirt... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal; Linear Motion Guide
  • Bearing Width: 2.85
  • Special Bearing Materials: Aluminum; Bearing and Rail Assemblies; Corrosion Resistant. (optional feature); Self Lubricating
  • Dynamic Cap.: 152
Ball Bearing Cage Bushings -- AB-06010
from Precision Ball Specialties Inc. (PBS)

PBS carries large inventory of press fit pins and bushings that are incorporated with our "Precision Style", "Rotating Retainers", and "Commercial" ball cages. [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Length: 2.5
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.7500
  • Bearing Housing: None