Simplicity® Standard Inch Series -- FL08 [FL08 from PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Company]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

1/2" Precision Bore; FrelonGOLD Lined Linear Bearing [See More]

  • Special Bearing Materials: Aluminum; Corrosion Resistant.; Rotary Motion; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.5000
  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Length: 1.25
Support Bushings -- M1PWBC
from Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation

Journals and bushings provide time proven methods to affix DualVee v bearing guide wheels. Eccentric and concentric versions of journals and bushings provide optimum adjustment for each individual application. Bushings are available in standard height or low profile versions, as well as metric and... [See More]

  • Special Bearing Materials: Stainless (optional feature); Ni Plated Steel; Corrosion Resistant. (optional feature); Rotary Motion; Self Lubricating (optional feature)
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.1559
  • Bearing Type: Bushing (Ball)
  • Bearing Length: 0.2992
Linear Motion Bearings, Ceramic Self Lube TWM Bearings -- L10 TWM
from Daemar Inc.

BLACK RACER Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings ™ REQUIRE LUBRICATION! [See More]

  • Special Bearing Materials: Ceramic; Self Lubricating
Miniature High Precision Linear Bearings -- microlinea - DBL Series

Miniature high precision linear bearings. DBL – series with plastic body (POM) with. stainless steel balls and needles [See More]

  • Special Bearing Materials: Stainless; Corrosion Resistant.; Rotary Motion; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.2756 to 1.57
  • Bearing Type: Bushing (Ball)
  • Bearing Length: 0.3937 to 2.28
Metal Bushing Housing Unit -- MHSR10-20 Series

One bushing, steel housing and chrome plating [See More]

  • Special Bearing Materials: Steel; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.3937
  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Length: 0.7874
Flange-mounted Sleeve Bearings - Inch -- BLAFMT-DFP08
from Quality Bearings & Components

Frelon ® Lined. FLANGE-MOUNTED SLEEVE BEARINGS – INCH. • Self-Aligning. • Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Housing. • Frelon ® Lined. • Self-Lubricating [See More]

  • Special Bearing Materials: Anodized Aluminum; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Width: 1.25
  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.5000
Linear Motion Products Guide Wheel W1 Series -- Model W1FF
from Schatz Bearing Corp.

Schatz Double V GuideWheel Bearings. The superior choice for linear motion applications. Maintenance-free operation. Bearings are “greased for life ”. Track surfaces hardened for long wear life. High-precision bearings allow for smooth and quiet operation. Ideal for harsh environments. [See More]

  • Special Bearing Materials: SAE 52100 Steel; Corrosion Resistant. (optional feature); Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Width: 0.3100
  • Bearing Type: Guide Wheel
  • Dynamic Cap.: 500
Linear Bearing -- FNYBU-04
from Thomson Industries Inc.

The FluoroNyliner ® Bushing Bearing is a self-lubricating, plain-type bearing. Its large contact surface area gives it excellent performance in high vibration or impact applications, while its simplified design allows it to run in highly contaminated environments. The FluoroNyliner can be used... [See More]

  • Special Bearing Materials: Plastic; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.2500
  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Length: 0.9800
GDL Aluminum Roller Guide -- FDC12HP Series
from Parker Hannifin / Automation / ORIGA - Europe

Aluminium roller guides for precise and quiet operation. Guideline aluminium profile roller guides provide smooth operation and high load carrying capacity for industrial automation. By use of light weight aluminium components the moving masses are reduced, travel speeds are increased and actuation... [See More]

  • Special Bearing Materials: Stainless; Aluminum Alloy; Bearing and Rail Assemblies; Corrosion Resistant.; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Width: 1.46
  • Bearing Type: Needle Roller Cage; Linear Motion Guide
  • Bearing Length: 2.52