Voltage Magnetoresistive Linear Position Sensors and Switches Datasheets

Lika Linear Encoders - Absolute Magnetic Sensor -- MTAX
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Self-diagnostics on tape distance & integrity. Measuring length up to 600 mm [See More]

  • Output: Voltage; Current
  • Operating Temperature: -13 to 185
  • Measurement Range: 23.62
  • Interface: Serial
Gear Speed Sensor -- TMR4001
from MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.

The TMR400X magnetic gear tooth sensors utilize a unique push-pull Wheatstone bridge design, including one or two Wheatstone full bridges, with four or eight unshielded high sensitivity TMR sensing elements. The Wheatstone bridge creates a differential voltage output with respect to the magnetic... [See More]

  • Output: Voltage
  • Linearity: 1
  • Measurement Range: 0.0098 to 0.1181
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 257
NOVOSTRICTIVE Analog Transducer up to 4250 mm, Touchless -- TP1 Series
from Novotechnik U.S., Inc.

Special Features. Non-contacting magnetostrictive measurement technology. Touchless position detection. Wear-free, unlimited mechanical life. Resolution up to 1 μm, independently of length. Low temperature coefficient <15 ppm/K. Insensitive to shock and vibration. Protection class IP67 / IP68. [See More]

  • Output: Voltage; Current
  • Linearity: 0.0200
  • Measurement Range: 1.97 to 177
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 185
Contactless Rotational and Linear Encoder -- KMA36
from TE Connectivity – Sensors

Description: The KMA36 is a universal magnetic encoder for precise rotational or linear measurement. These digital position sensors feature a system-on-chip technology that combines a magnetoresistive element along with analog to digital converter and signal processing in a standard small package. [See More]

  • Output: Voltage
  • Linearity: 0.5000
  • Measurement Range: 0.1969
  • Operating Temperature: 302
Valve Communication Terminal
from StoneL Corporation

Fully sealed, solid state, modular electronic systems warranted for 5 years [See More]

  • Output: Voltage (optional feature); Switched / Alarm (optional feature)
  • Power Requirements: AC Powered; DC Powered
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 180
  • Interface: Serial (optional feature)