Single Phase AC Power Digital Bargraphs Datasheets

AC Power Circular BarGraph -- BG Series
from Weschler Instruments

Watt, VAR and Power Factor Meters for Single and Three Phase Systems. These Weschler BG Series Circular BarGraphs are optimized for AC power measurements. The ACP4 series BarGraphs utilize self contained Current Transformers (CT) and accurate solid state circuitry to measure both single and poly... [See More]

  • Input Type: Single Phase AC Power; Three Phase AC Power
  • Display Colors: Amber (optional feature); Green (optional feature); Red; Multi (optional feature)
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Bargraph: Center Zero; End Scale Zero
30 Segment LED Bargraph -- AM-30
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

The AM-30 is a 30-segment 5VDC powered red, green, or amber LED bargraph in a compact DIN case (96x24mm) with a short depth (72mm/2.83"). It can be ordered in either a horizontal or vertical format. Single or dual setpoints are available as options. The setpoints are easily adjustable by the user... [See More]

  • Input Type: AC Voltage; DC Voltage; AC Current; DC Current; Single Phase AC Power; DC Power; Strain Gauge; Resistance; Single-ended Analog
  • Display Colors: Amber; Green; Red
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Bargraph: Center Zero; End Scale Zero
Power Guard Line Monitor -- Model 9017
from Prime Technology

The model 9017 Power Guard plugs into a standard home outlet. When the voltage is in range the "normal" LED is lit. If the voltage goes below 108V the "low" LED is illuminated. If the voltage goes over 132V the "high" LED is illuminated. When an out of range condition is detected the audible alarm... [See More]

  • Input Type: Single Phase AC Power
  • Bargraph Orientation: Vertical
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Analog Input Channels: 1