Yellow Digital Panel Meters Datasheets

1/8 Din Bar-Digital Meter/Controller with automatic tricolor bargraph -- Model BDM
from OTEK Corporation

We shrunk the EBD! By popular demand, we took our popular EBD (6x1.7x2") and made it fit in the industry's most popular panel meter size 1/8 DIN (3.6x1.6x2"), and kept all the outstanding features. This is a reduction of almost 50% in size and price, but not in performance and quality! The new BDM... [See More]

  • Display Colors: Green; Red; Yellow
  • Number Digits: 4.0 to 4.5
  • Display Type: Numeric
  • Display Technology: LED
Current Loop Indicator -- CUB4CL
from Red Lion Controls, Inc.

The CUB4LP and CUB4CL are additions to the CUB4 product line. The CUB4LP uses a 4 to 20 mA or a 10 to 50 mA input signal as operating power. The input signal is also used to power the backlighting on the CUB4LP40 unit. The CUB4CL uses a 4 to 20 mA or a 10 to 50 mA input signal to power the unit. An... [See More]

  • Display Colors: Green (optional feature); Red (optional feature); Yellow (optional feature)
  • Character Size: Larger than 0.56 (14.2mm)
  • Display Type: Numeric
  • Number Digits: 3.5
London Electronics Fusion Large Display Meter
from Weschler Instruments

Analog & Digital Inputs. Large, Bright Digits. Setup Without Menus. Indoor & Outdoor Models. Choice of Mounting Position [See More]

  • Display Colors: Blue; Green; Red; Red- High Intensity; Yellow; White, Green Bright, Yellow Bright, Blue Bright
  • Character Size: Less Than 0.37 (9.4mm); 0.37 (9.4mm) to 0.56 (14.2mm); Larger than 0.56 (14.2mm)
  • Display Type: Numeric
  • Number Digits: 4.0 to 8.0
Process Indicators -- 468 Series
from Electro-Numerics, Inc.

Microprocessor electronic design, sealed surface mount case [See More]

  • Display Colors: Yellow
  • Character Size: Larger than 0.56 (14.2mm)
  • Display Type: Numeric
  • Number Digits: 6.0
Display/indicator - Field Meter With Control Unit -- RIA46
from Endress+Hauser, Inc.

The RIA46 field meter with control unit powers the transmitter and processes analog signals from transmitters,. particularly from the area of process instrumentation. These signals are monitored, evaluated, calculated,. saved, separated, linked, converted and displayed. The signals, intermediate... [See More]

  • Display Colors: Yellow
  • Number Digits: 5.0
  • Display Type: Alphanumeric
  • Display Technology: LCD
Miniature LED Display Digital Voltmeter -- DMS-30PC Series
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

The DMS-30PC Series is a broad line of self-contained, fully operational, 3 ½ digit voltmeters with large, easy-to-read LED displays. The 0.56"(14.2mm) high LED's are available in a wide variety of colors including red, orange, amber, yellow, green, aqua, blue-green, and super-blue. A... [See More]

  • Display Colors: Amber (optional feature); Aqua (optional feature); Blue (optional feature); Green (optional feature); Orange (optional feature); Red (optional feature); Red- High Intensity (optional feature); Yellow (optional feature)
  • Character Size: 0.37 (9.4mm) to 0.56 (14.2mm)
  • Display Type: Numeric
  • Number Digits: 3.5
Laureate™ DC Voltage & Current Panel Meters
from Panel Components & Systems, Inc.

Laureate ™ DC voltage and current panel meters with a DC signal conditioner board combine high accuracy with high read rate and a wide range of isolated output options for computer interface and control. Accuracy is 99.99% of full scale ±1 count. Used as a direct-reading DC voltmeter,... [See More]

  • Display Colors: Green (optional feature); Yellow
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Display Type: Numeric